12 Everyday Stretches to Help You Stay Flexible and Avoid Pain at Any Age

When we see our everyday lifestyle which seems regular for everyone, we are dealing with a lot of common pain, such as the tension in the back of our neck or in the lower back area. Or some shoulder pain that is caused from sitting all day and working on your desk, or having pain in your wrists from typing all day on the keyboard, any type of sore muscles make the easiest movement hard and painful.

And we answer to all of this, with creams and painkillers that can get rid of the pain temporary, but there is still no long-term solution developed. Instead of treating muscle pain, we should prevent from it in the first place. And a simple way to start preventing from it, is to start a stretching routine.

How To Stretch 101

Besides the fact that improves the blood flow in your body, and helps you to be more energized, it also can make your movements a lot easier. Stretching regularly on daily basis, can ease your creaky joints and it will get rid of the stiffness in your muscles. Also it is very helpful in preventing an injury while working out or exercising. The stretched muscles work a lot better than the muscles that are stiffed, this goes for the joints as well, their function is a lot easier.

Here are a few quick Dont’ts and Do’s when it comes to stretching:


  • Stretching injured muscles, even though it feels very good, you can just make the injury situation worse.
  • Doing the stretch exercises quickly, for example jumping from one position right back in to another.


  • Hold one stretching position for half a minute, that way you force the muscles to relax.
  • Stretch after an intense workout, because that way the muscles grow due to the increased blood flow in them.
  • Pay more attention to areas that are chronically tight, these need some time to loosen up.

So if you like to start a stretching everyday routine, you surely have asked yourself where should you star from. There are a lot of physical therapies and yoga, but actually we have a perfect stretch routine that will stretch your body from head to toes.

The Best Stretches for Muscle Pain

A professor of physical therapy at the New York University, developed this simple everyday stretch routine, her name is Marilyn Moffat. But before starting the stretch, Dr. Marylin warned everyone that if they feel any pain or discomfort while doing the stretches, in specific areas, they should visit their doctor or a physical therapist right away!

Each one of the stretches should be held from half a minute to a minute maximum.But before you start, yous should be in the following position to prevent from any injuries. Make sure your back is in a line with your neck, and your chin should be tucked in. When you’re in this position you can start.

Neck Tilt

Tilt your head to the left and then place your left arm near your right ear. Don’t pull just leave the wight of your arm do its job, it will help you stretch the muscles in your neck. Hold a little bit, then do this with the opposite side and arm.

Neck Rotation

Slowly turn your head to the left for 90 degrees and hold it for a minute. Then face forward and do the same, but on the other side.


For this stretch you will need a slight bend, just enough to stretch your spine, but be careful not to go too far.

Trunk Rotation

Put your arms in a crossed position on your chest, and try to look over yous shoulder while rotating to your trunk. Hold it as long as you can, and then do it on the other side.

Fold Over

Sit in your chair and bend over, just like in the picture, make sure your neck is in the right position, because you might feel pain.

Trunk Lateral Flexion

Sit down in the position like in the picture, lift your arm in the air, and then bend to the opposite side, hold it a bit, and then do it on the other side, with the other arm.

Quad Stretch

Stand straight, bend your knee to point to the floor and grab the tip of your toe with your hand, while the other hand is in the air. Hold it for a bit, and then do it with the opposite leg.

Back Scratch

To do this stretch, the bottom palm must face the outside, and the top palm must face the back. Try to reach your palms without hunching behind your back. If you can, hold it for a bit, and switch hands.

Heel Chord

This exercise can stretch and relax your back leg muscles, especially along the calf. Keep the toe to the wall and the palms bent on it, and then slightly bend your front knee towards the wall. Hold the position, and switch legs.

Leg Extension

To do this exercise you will need a towel or a workout band. Place one leg on the floor with your knee bent, and lift the other one in the air with the help of the towel or the workout band, it is most effective at 90 degrees. Then you can push the leg to go back even further, even more than 90 degrees with the help of the towel, but be very careful not to hurt yourself.

Hip Flexor

You will need to lay on a soft and flat surface to do this exercise. Lay down flat, then bring one towards your chest. Hold that position, and switch legs.


Lay down flat on the floor, then tuck your knees a little bit. Then place the one ankle right on the thigh below your knee. Hold this position and switch legs. If this is too hard or too intense for you, you can bring the uncrossed leg further to the outside.

These are the 12 stretches that you should do on daily basis, it will help you to keep your muscles relaxed, and it will relieve from muscle pain too.

Sources: theheartysoul.com
Another sources linked in The Hearty Soul’s article:


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