12 Photos That Prove We Have No Idea How Food Grows

Most of the food that we consume today, is processed because of the lifestyle that we live, which is stress-rich and fast.

Very few people now days are eating meat which is produced locally, while the others are consuming the meat that is full of preservatives, or they are on a diets that is full of processed foods.

Also none of us have an idea how the food that we consume or we serve on the table, is made or produced, which is why we buy it without even thinking about it.

Which is why, we have prepared a list of 12 foods that we think nobody knows about, nobody grows them, and nobody knows how weird they look:

1. Sesame Seeds

The sesame seeds can be spotted in a line in small rows, once the little pods are cut.

2. Pistachios

The pistachios have a very different color, with the one that they are harvested with. They also grow on trees and not many people know these facts.

3. Vanilla

The vanilla extract is made from the green string beans vanillas, which is then dried and gets its brown color, as we know it.

4. Almonds

The almonds are harvested from trees, they get drier and darker as they ripe.

5. Cinnamon

We all know the cinnamon, like the cinnamon sticks. But actually it is a cinnamon tree, and from it, the sticks are harvested.

6. Saffron

The saffron is made from stigmas that are dried and plucked, but first it is harvested as a flower.

7. Cashews

The cashews are very similar to any nut species, but when it is growing, it looks very beautiful and strange, it is a very beneficial fruit as well.

8. Cocoa Beans or Cacao

Before the cacao is processed or dried, it grows as fresh cacao beans.

9. Artichokes

They are simply a ground plant that are bulbous in fact.

10. Quinoa

The red or white quinoa seeds that we know, are looking a lot differently when they are growing.

11. Dates

The dates are growing in a huge clusters, it is very strange.

12. Capers

First the capers are growing in a form of reddish green pods, then they are harvested and picked up and processed.

Would you be able to recognize any of the listed foods if you have seen them in their true, natural form?

Source: theheartysoul.com


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