20 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Needs To Know

One of the most mysterious and interesting things is the human psychology. A lot of things from it make a lot of sense, but there are also many of them that do not at all. And in this article we will tell you about some of the most interesting facts of the human psychology.

1. Music Has a Big Impact

A study done by the Groningen University claims that the human perception is highly affected by music.

2. Favorite Song

We all have an emotional or specific event that is deeply related to a certain song.

3. Experiences Are a Good Thing

You will be less happy if you are spending your money on stuff, rather than spending your money on experiences.

4. Spending Is Making You Happier

It is good to give many gifts on birthdays or during the holidays, because many studies have shown that you can be happier if you spend money on your loved ones.

5. You Can Deal With Stress Through Religion

Certain individuals who are regularly practicing meditation or prayers are not stressing as much.

6. Children Are Very Strung

It is proven that a 50 year old person is less strung than a child. But it is sad that 1/2 of the world population is dealing with anxiety, substance abuse and depression.

7. Happy People Spread Happiness

You will be much happier if you are hanging out with happy people and surround yourself with them. So in order to feel good, make sure you hang out with happy people.

8. Money Can Buy Happiness

According to many studies an average American citizen is spending around 75,000 dollars each year to buy stuff that make them happy.

9. Your Brain Can Be Tricked

Did you know that the placebo sleep is real? Therefore you are able to trick your brain that you’ve slept enough, and you will feel more energized.

10. From 18 to 33 Stress Is a Common Thing

People who are between the age of 18 and 33 have the most stress in their lives, due to work, family and mostly education.

11. Remember An Event From the Past

Did you know that when you remember an event that has happened, in fact you are remembering the last time you thought of that event, and that is the main reason why memories can fade as the time passes.

12. Dunning Kruger Effect

This is a very real effect, and it is happening every day. It is simply a situation where a smart person thinks that he or she is not smart enough and when an ignorant individual thinks he or she is smart.

13. Talking About Your Goals

You are less likely to achieve your goals if you are constantly talking about them, and many studies have proven this fact.

14. Rational Decisions = Thinking In Another Language

A study which was done by the University of Chicago, Korean citizens have their overall bias decreased when they think in a foreign language.

15. Relieving from Chemicals Through Hugs

When you hug someone you feel connected to that person, secure and very safe, and in those short moments that last for about 20 seconds your body is releasing oxytocin. That chemical is actually why you feel safe and not worried.

16. Chocolate Is Good

When you eat a chocolate a chemical is released, in fact that is the same chemical your body is producing when you are in love. That hormone will increase the rate of your pulse, you will feel excited and very alert. From there yohttps://realpositiveexperience.com/incredible-psychology-facts/?c=eicu feel happiness.

17. Rejection Can be Quite Painful

Rejection can be painful to your brain, according to the neuroscience’s conclusions.

18. A Tired Brain is Far More Creative

Your chances of doing something creative are elevated when you are not well rested. Which is the main reason why most of our ideas come while we are showering.

19. Schizophrenia Can’t Affect Blind People

This is a very interesting fact, because there isn’t a blind person that has been affected by schizophrenia.

20. Relations Are Highly Important

The University of North Carolina has gathered a group of researchers, and they have shown that a relationship is far more healthier than any physical activity.

Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov


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