The 3 Vitamins that Prevent Brain Loss

You cannot stop time, that means you can’t stop the aging process. But you can slow down the consequences and prevent from them.

At the age of 70, in every 5 people one will suffer from cognitive impairment, and in the following 5 years it will provide dementia or death. There is no such cure against Alzheimer’s disease, but you can control the risk of getting this disease.

A study that was done in 1990, analyzed 22 participants with Alzheimer’s disease, found rise of homocysteine in the blood of the participants. The study was done because of the findings of a study that was done much earlier in 1969.

A Harvard pathologist, had reported cases with two children. The children’s brains were turned to mush, and both of the children were suffering from a very rare genetic mutations, which increased the homocysteine in their blood.

It is believed that the homocysteine is a very strong and independent factor that can develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by itself.

The findings of the Framingham study had shown that in six Alzheimer’s cases, one was due to the high levels of homocysteine in the blood, and this may cause brain damage, memory decline and cognitive.

Three vitamins are needed to cleanse the body from homocysteine, vitamin B6, B12 and folate.

No results were given by the researches. One of the trials showed that if you reduce the levels of homocysteine with B vitamins to help you, it will slow down the rate of the accelerated brain atrophy.

As the years go by, the brain is experience atrophy but in patients with Alzheimer’s syndrome it is accelerated. In the cases of mild cognitive impairment, its rate is intermediate.

So, if we somehow could slow down this process of brain losing, there is a possibility that we can prevent from Alzheimer’s symptoms.

The brain shrinkage is slowed down in people who were constantly consuming B vitamins for 2 years, and the shrinkage is cut in half to people with high homocysteine levels.

Researches have shown us that the use of B vitamin reduces the brain atrophy by 7 times, especially in the zones that are a target for Alzheimer’s disease.

Many people get a good dose of B6 and B12 vitamin amounts a day, but they are in a lack of folate, which is contained in huge amounts in the beans and greens. Studies have shown that if your diets are rich with greens and plants, the levels of homocysteine can be reduced up yo 20% in only one week.

Researchers believe this because of the fiber content, because every gram that you consume each day makes the folate levels rise by 2%, by boosting the production of vitamins in the colon and the intake of methionine.

Methionine is a product which can be found in animal protein, so if you take it in limited amounts it can regulate the levels of homocysteine.

Therefore, people who follow long-term diets full of plants are having terrible levels of homocysteine in their blood. This is happening because they are taking enough folate and fiber, but they are in lack of vitamin B12.

Vegans have a greater risk of getting hyperhomocysteinemia, because they have too much homocysteine in their bodies, fue to their low intake of B12 vitamin foods. But if they are staying vegan and consume the proper amounts of B12 vitamin, they’ll enjoy the benefits and will protect themselves from brain loss.

To support the function of your brain, prevent from the numerous diseases and from cognitive impairment, obey the rules of vitamin intake and you will enjoy the benefits of a healthy life!



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