Best Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment | Tips For Glowing and Beautiful Skin

A lot of people desire about having a perfect skin, just like all of the Korean beauties. If you ever go to Korea, you won’t find anyone with a bad skin. Their beauty industry is constantly developing and requiring a lot of new treatments and methods that will make their skin impeccable and will treat any skin issue.

They are obsessed for centuries about their skin, and they have kept their methods and treatments hidden for a very long period of time.

But somehow we got one of the recipes for a miraculous skin care remedy, which will improve your skin health, it will make it shiny and it will slow down the aging process of your skin.

The first thing you want to do is, stem your skin so that your pores can open up, that way you will get rid of the dirt inside them. Also blackheads and grime will be eliminated, which are the ones that cause pimples to occur. Also the stem will boost your blood circulation in the veins of the facial area, which will actually give you a pink-red color on your cheeks and that will make you look a lot younger.

The treatment requires only one thing to be done, a ripe pineapple.

This fantastic tropic fruit is the richest source of manganese, potassium, copper, beta-carotene, dietary fibers, and a lot of vitamins, including B1,B2,B5 and C. The manganese is the one that boosts and nourishes the connective tissues in our body. Also this fruit is very rich with antioxidants, which are helpful for fighting against free radicals and preventing from them damaging our cells. The antioxidants in this fruit, are able to prevent from a lot of diseases, such as, atherosclerosis, heart diseases and almost every cancer type.

This fruit also contains many anti-aging properties. It is able to improve our skin health, make it tight and flexible as well, all of this is due to the ability to boost the synthesis of collagen. Due to its richness in vitamin C and amino acids which are also very beneficial for our skin, these ingredients are also able to treat and prevent from acne and pimples.

Here is a step by step guide, for how you should properly use a ripe pineapple as a skin care product:

Start by chopping the pineapple in medium size pieces. Grab one cube, and start to gently massage on the face in a circular motion. The pineapple juice, will easily enter your open pores, when you are done leave it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes.

After the time has passed, rinse your face with a warm damp towel or lukewarm water, be very gentle.

You can do this method, twice every month.

If you are seeking more details about this natural treatment, take a look at the video below:



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