Big Dairy Pushing to Hide Aspartame in New Definition of ‘Milk’

Dairy industry petitions to make milk labeling MUCH more confusing.

When you go in the supermarket to buy milk, you grab one from the many on the shelf, you are trusting the brand that represents that product, but that is about to change now.

The National Milk Producers Federation and The International Dairy Foods Association have came up to fill a petition to change the laws for milk labels, the new laws would allow the milk producing companies to add artificial sweeteners like aspartame in the products, and it wouldn’t be needed to be included in the ingredients on the label in the back of the product.

For the people who buy milk regularly, these things will cause a lot of confurion on what is happening and what the product contains that they want to buy, and people who don’t know about this, will end up consuming chemicals and not even be aware of that either.

No matter how bizarre this seems, the milk producers and the milk industry have their own reasons to do this.

The companies think that this change will promote a healthier eating practice and also reduce the child obesity by making the milk products contain less calories than normally.

That is because today, children will consume anything, but the foods that are natural and good for them, and they must put these ingredients in their products because every kid drinks milk, or any product that has added sweeteners in it, whether they are natural or unnatural, just like the aspartame.

The Federal Register reported:

“Amendments that were proposed will assist the meeting of a few aimed initiatives that are about to improve the health profile and nutrition of the food which is served in the nation’s schools. These initiatives were taken so that the intake or consumption of sugar, per portion for a child is limited during the school day.”

The main problem with the new changes is the thing about the artificial sweeteners like the aspartame. Even though it is widely used in many beverages and diet foods, still it is causing many people to have health complications from the chemicals in the sweetener.

According to the latest studies aspartame is very likely to cause some of the following diseases: dizziness, obesity or digestive problems, and some other very serious issues like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease and sometimes even cancer!

Making these changes in the labeling laws, make it even harder for people to know what they are really buying, and there is even a bigger confusion for some products. Also not everybody is able to understand what the products that are included mean, and is it natural or unnatural, and people have started not to trust the brands or the packages that are presenting the product they are buying.

The NMPF and IDFA reported:

“it will be much easier for consumers to recognize and make a difference between products if there are no labels on the back that claim that there are no sweeteners included in the product.”

But this move will only cover up the mud that the milk companies will create and get away with it, and also what they will sell under the statement of a healthy product!



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