Combination of 3 Foods to Improve Your Vision and Cleanse the Fat from Your Liver

Chronic diseases can be developed by lack of physical activity, stress and poor diets. Including healthier habits in your everyday life may reduce the chance and prevent you from getting diseases like stroke, diabetes, cancer, heart attack etc.

The (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says:

“Many of the chronic diseases, suffering, illness and early death are mostly caused by health risk behaviors such as tobacco use, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, drinking too much alcohol.”

From this study, you should be more aware, start to avoid sugar, tobacco use, start exercising daily, quit alcohol drinking, and try to consume as much organic food as possible.

Foods such as carrots, oranges and beets improve and boost your health and they improve your vision, also it heals the liver.

In the National Eye institute, a doctor named Emily Chew has told that, Carrots are containing huge amounts of vitamin A. This vitamin is very useful for the eyes. It helps the eye to turn light into a signal that can be transferred directly to the brain.

Numerous health benefits can be achieved from Beets:

  • It boosts circulation
  • Cleanses the liver
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • It improves the brain function
  • Contains many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds

The oranges contain a lot of vitamin C and are healthy and useful for many things.

Prepare a natural remedy (ingredients):

  • 1 organic Beet
  • 4 organic Oranges
  • 2 organic Carrots

Instructions for the making:

Every morning mix these 3 ingredients in a blender, and try to consume them on an empty stomach as a morning juice. Amazing benefits may be achieved after a short period!