Should You Be Drinking Pickle Juice?

Should You Be Drinking Pickle Juice?

One of the newest super-foods that is widely used all around the world, due to its abilities, it is the step-sister of the pickles. Yes we mean it, it is the Pickle Juice.

It is true, people who are exercising actively are using it, also athletes and people who are obsessed with their nutrition, are using it due to the powerful abilities!

What Pickle Juice Can Do For You:

  • Relieves muscle cramps. Pickle juice contains vinegar and magnesium in it, which is very helpful for muscle cramps, also it gives you the ability to exercise harder and to recover quicker.
  • Replenishes electrolytes. The pickle juice is able to boost up the recovery process after the muscles are tired, therefore many athletes have started to use it.
  • Prevents dehydration. The pickle juice is able to prevent from dehydration, because it maintains tour salt levels around the normal. Some people are using it as a natural remedy.
  • Provides relief from heartburn.
  • Eases PMS symptoms. Yes, all of the PMS symptoms are soothed with the pickle juice.
  • Fuels the workout. According to researches, drinks that are rich in sodium, are able to improve thermoregulation during workouts, and improve the performance of the workout.

How much pickle juice should be consumed?

To get a perfect refuel after a hard and long workout or to soothe muscle cramps, simply drink two and a half ounces right after the workout. According to some researches, the muscle cramps will be soothed only after a minute and a half. Also some studies have shown that, the pickle juice is able to provide the soothing effect 45% faster than water.

So next time when you ate all of the pickles, don’t throw the water away, it can be very helpful and beneficial. You can actually give it a try, it is harmless and it can only provide positive effects, try to have a drink of it after your workout or your jogging. And let us know if it works for you!

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