Get Smooth And Glowing Skin and Remove the Spots From Your Face With Lemon

Glowing and soft skin is always an attraction, which is why we will reveal you the few steps that were kept secret, to a smooth and shining skin in a very shot period!

The list below of the natural skin care recipes contains no chemicals, it is 100% natural and it is based on the beautiful properties of the lemons, and if you preform them on daily basis, amazing effects will be provided, and be sure that everyone will notice that!

Lemon Scrub

Scrub your facial area with a small slice of lemon for a few minutes, then wash it with lukewarm water after the scrub.

Pure Lemon Juice

Squeeze a few lemons and pour the juice in a cup. Then get a cotton ball and soak it inside, then apply it on your skin. Let it dry for several minutes, then you can rinse it. Do this twice on daily basis, and you will have a clean face like a baby.

Lemon and Egg White Mask

Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice and one egg white. Mix them well, and separate the mixture in 3 cups or small jars. Apply the first portion on your face, and leave it to dry, and apply another one.

Let the second layer dry too, and finally when the second is dry you can apply the last one. This will protect you from acne or fight them. Also it will keep your skin smooth and shiny. Wash it with lukewarm water, and try to use a clean towel.

Just share this with your friends, enjoy, and let everybody see your shine!