Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About Essential Oils

The latest studies that were done, show that essential oils can be of great help when it comes to treating or curing cancer.

The human body frequency is from 62 to 78 MHz, and according to what experts say, the diseases are able to be triggered or developed at 58 MHz. Also these studies have shown that being in a bad mood or having negative thoughts can decrease the body’s frequency by 12 MHz, and thinking positively and being in a good mood can increase it by 10 MHz.

Therefore, there are many things that can affect our health in a positive or in a negative way, and we will not even be aware of that.

Since the essential oils are a rich source of antibacterial properties, the latest studies have shown that they can be very effective when it comes to fighting against cancer, they are also able to change the body’s frequency too.

Bruce Tainio is a scientist that was involved in these studies, he also made a frequency monitor, which can measure the essential oil’s frequency, from there we would know how it will affect us. Also another scientist, M. Suhail reported that cancer is developed when the DNA of the nucleus in our cells is corrupted.

With the use of essential oil our body will be able to repair the code, from there decreasing the risk of developing this horrible health disease!

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

If you are willing to take the essential oils in order to treat some health condition or for whatever reason, you must know about their therapeutic grade. Most of the brands on the market that you can buy are low quality oils, and they are mixed together with some additives, mostly alcohol.

They will not do anything close as a natural oil will do, so it would be wise to buy your oil from a pretty trusted source.

R. O. Becker, in the book “The Body Electric” which he wrote, said that the electric frequency of our body is the main thing that determines our overall health.

Even Nikola Tesla knew that if we get rid of every outside frequency we will prevent from many diseases and ailments. And the man who discovered that each cell in our body has its own frequency, and that frequency can drop from many factors, from there triggering diseases like cancer, that man is Dr. Otto Warburg.

But the latest studies that were done have shown that the essential oils who have higher frequencies, have the ability to eliminate and prevent from diseases that have lower frequency than theirs.

A list of essential oil frequencies, these oils were used in the researches:

  • Lavender 118 MHz
  • Peppermint 78 MHz
  • Helichrysum 181 MHz
  • Sandalwood 96 MHz
  • Rose 320 MHz
  • Frankincense 147 MHz
  • Angelica 85 MHz
  • Juniper 98 MHz

Essential Oils & Their Healing Abilities

These following essential oils had the best chance to fight against the cancer, jasmine, thyme, chamomile, and cinnamon oils. The thyme eliminated 97% of the cells, while the chamomile eliminated 93%.

Scientists took a much closer look at these oils, and they discovered that the chamomile contains strong antioxidant properties, and that is the main reason why this oil is so effective in the fight against cancer cells.

In the study were included 11 oils, among which were peppermint, winter savory, sweet and bitter fennel, thyme, chamomile, lavender and sage oil.

Frankincense Oil

The nucleus of the cancer cells can be divided with the use of frankincense oil, also it will prevent from further reproduction of cancer cells. This oil is so effective, only because of the presence of a single ingredient, that ingredient is the monoterpenes, that ingredient is able to eliminate the cancer cells very easily.

The frankincense oil is cytotoxic, which means it does not harm the healthy cells, and it works in every cancer stage.

Below you can see how this oil has helped patients who were suffering from different cancer types during the research.

A Child with Brain Cancer

This case was the toughest one. A little girl was dealing with brain cancer, and she was only 5 years old. Her parents tried every option possible to cure the cancer, and the last thing that was left to hope for was the sandalwood and frankincense oil.

They created a mixture of these 2 oil and they were rubbing the oil topically on her feet, and they used the lavender oil to rub her wrist. After a couple of months, the girl was checked by the doctors and she was finally cancer free!

End-Stage Liver Cancer Patient

Also in the study there was a patient that was given only a couple of months left to live, because he was dealing with an end-state liver cancer. The tumor was too large for the doctors to operate it, so this person had nothing to lose and the decision was clear, try the frankincense oil and see how it works.

The patient was rubbing the oil topically on the area where the liver is located, and applying a few drops under the tongue. When the doctors checked him after a while, the size of the tumor was reduced and the therapy with the essential oil continued. The patient used the oil until the tumor reduced its size enough for the doctors to be able to approach it and operate it. The patient is now cancer free and healing happily after the operation!

Stage-4 Cancer Patient

During the research there was a woman with a stage-4 lung cancer, and the cancer quickly spread to many other body organs.

She did not agree with a surgery nor the chemo therapy, she turned to the natural essential oils and she chose the frankincense oil. She was applying it topically, and she applied it every 2 or 3 hours. After 7 months she was free of the cancer!

Bladder Cancer Patient

During the research there was a woman who was suffering from bladder cancer, her name was Jackie Hogan, she needed to go under surgery as quickly as possible, so that her bladder gets removed for the cancer not to spread to other organs.

But instead of that, she started using the essential oils, and after a couple of months of applying the frankincense and sandalwood oil, topically on the affected area, she was free of the cancer!

Cervical Cancer Patient

There was another woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and the doctors only gave her a couple of months left to live. But the power of the frankincense oil was big enough to help her fight the cancer and defeat it in only a few months!

Breast Cancer Patient

There was another woman who was dealing with breast cancer, and she used lemongrass and frankincense oils mixed together, and she was applying it under her tongue and topically, and she defeated the cancer in a couple of months.

Many more patients cured themselves from this horrible disease with the use of these amazing essential oil. Each one of the oils are able to elevate your body’s electrical frequency, and defeat every disease!