Learn What The Color Of Your Urine Means!

The urine is created as a waste product in our kidneys, and through it we are able to cleanse our blood. Constantly our body is creating the urine, and then that urine is sent into our bladder. And if the bladder is not functioning properly or its function is reduced, the urine will be accumulated and then sent back to our kidneys.

The urinary tract plays a very important role in our overall health, because with its function we are able to eliminate waste and excess fluids from our body.

If our kidneys are in a good health condition and they are functioning just fine, then there will be no urine accumulated, the production of red blood cells will be increased, our bones will become stronger, the levels of electrolytes will be regulated, and they will also boost the hormone production of those types of hormones that are regulating our blood pressure.

Knowing this, you should know that the sooner you discover a kidney or a bladder issue the better, because that way you will prevent from urine accumulation and further health complications that follow with it, also you will support the urinary tract’s function.

Usually the urine should have a yellow color, it contains creatinine, urea, dissolved compounds and countless other organic and inorganic compounds. The substances that are contained in the urine can sometimes be very harmful and dangerous to every other body organ, if they get stacked and accumulated in our body, which is the main reason why we should expel them regularly.

When old red blood cells are broken down, there is a waste product released called urobilin, and this product is contained in the urine from which the urine gets the yellow color. You can read a lot about your body from the smell and color of your urine.

The urine sometimes may become dark red, transparent, pink, or orange and here is what each color means:


You need to solve this issue by finding the proper treatment for you, it means that there is blood in your urine.

Dark Pink

With this symptom, you should visit your doctor right away because you might be suffering from a bladder infection or in some cases even cancer!


Your urine can get a pink color if there are some drops of blood in it, which means that it would be wise to pay the urologist a visit as quick as possible, just to make sure you are not suffering from a more serious health issue.

Cloudy Urine

Due to tissue, proteins and mucus broken down in your urine, it might become a bit cloudy, and sometimes this means that you are suffering from some kind of bladder infection.


Suffering from infections in the urinary tract, liver diseases, increased levels of bilirubin, taking some medications or gallstones getting stuck in the bile duct your urine can get an orange color.


If your urine is transparent, you don’t need to panic, this simply might mean that you drink more water than you should, which is causing a slight chemical imbalance in your body, and it shouldn’t be something to worry about.

Dark Yellow

If your urine has a dark yellow color, it simply means that you are dehydrated, and you need to increase the water intake right away if you want to protect yourself from kidney damage.

Medium Yellow

This is also a sign of body dehydration, you can normalize this condition by drinking a few glasses of water when you notice it.

Light Yellow

This color of the urine is the normal and most common one, it means that you are in an optimal state of health.


Your urine might become brown if you are suffering from a kidney disorder or strenuous exercises.

Green & Blue Urine

Using medications for a longer period, and consuming foods that have a natural blue or green color, might cause your urine to appear in a blue or green color.

Source: thehealthyfoodhouse.com


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