How to Make Honey Remedies to Help You Fall Asleep Naturally

To induce and improve your sleep, the honey remedies have been used for thousands of years.

Back since the middle ages, there was a Chinese tradition to eat honey every night before bedtime, and in Europe there was a tradition to drink a cup of milk with a little teaspoon of honey before going to bed, this was considered to be very beneficial.

A very old fashioned sleep and honey remedy, is the mix of 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water, also there is a tradition in Mexico to mix a teaspoon of raw honey in a cup of chamomile tea or te de Manzanilla. There are many recipes to induce sleeping, in which honey is included, like a mix of a teaspoon of honey in a cup of passionflower tea, a teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water, or a peanut butter sandwich with honey before going to bed.

Sleep and Honey (The HYMN Cycle)

Mike McInnis is a Scottish author, researcher and a pharmacist is believing that the remedies with honey, are able to lengthen and improve restorative sleep, at least by 3 mechanisms. If you take it before bed time, he says that:

  • It controls and stabilizes the levels of our blood sugar.
  • The hormone (melatonin)  that is used for the rebuilding and recovery of our body tissues during our sleep, is contributed.
  • Prevents and limits the morning release of these two hormones of stress, the adrenaline and cortisol.

The HYMN Cycle sands for the honey-insulin-melatonin cycle, it is called this way by McInnes, which is also described by him. The cycle starts with ingesting one or two tablespoons of honey one hour before bedtime:

  1. The portion of glucose in the honey, goes from the gut to the general circulation through our liver circulation, meanwhile it produces a mild glucose spike.
  2. The insulin release from our pancreas can be controlled by the mild elevation in our blood sugar.
  3. Tryptophan is driven to the brain if insulin is present in the general circulation.
  4. Serotonin is made from tryptophan, which is an important hormone for relaxation.
  5. Serotonin is converted to melatonin in our pineal gland while we’re in darkness.
  6. Melatonin promotes sleep, by reducing our body temperature and some other mechanisms. The melatonin also prevents from releasing more insulin in our pancreas, which prevents from blood sugar levels to go down rapidly.
  7. The process of releasing the growth hormones is promoted by the melatonin.
  8. The maintenance, repair and rebuilding of muscle, bone and some other body tissues is initiated by many recovery hormones.
  9. Melatonin is impacting our memory, mostly during our sleep, through our molecules. These molecules are very important for us, so that we can remember short-term and long-term memories in our brain cortex.
  10. In our liver, the fructose that is taken is converted into glucose, after that into liver glycogen, therefore the brain has the needed supplies of glucose for the night.
  11. Fro the promotion of the release of glucokinase from the hepatocyte nuclei, the fructose is regulating the uptake of fructose in our liver. Therefore the fructose makes sure that our liver gets the glycogen supplies that it needs to spend the night in full function.
  12. The release of stress hormones might be needed, if the glycogen supplies are very low.

Honey remedies for Insomnia

Each of these two go hand in hand, both the sleep and honey. Which is why we give you some recipes:

  • Drink 1 cup of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey inside before bedtime.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey in a cup of orange blossom, linden flower tea, or warm chamomile and drink it also before bedtime.
  • Prepare a peppermint tea, and while it is still warm, add a teaspoon of honey and drink it, if you like you can also ad clove.
  • Prepare lukewarm water with orange juice in equal amounts, and add two teaspoons of honey to it, and drink it before going to bed.
  • Combine 5 drops of lavender oil with 2 ounces of honey, and then add a few tablespoons of that mixture to your bath and enjoy the 10 or 15 soak.

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