Natural Remedy to Improve Vision and Prevent Cataracts

The lens, located in the eye becoming cloudy is a condition that is known and called a cataract, and it has an impact on the vision. Mostly cataracts that appear are connected to the aging.

The cataracts most commonly appear in elderly people. According to many researches, every U.S citizen that is over the age of 80 has done a cataract surgery or the patients has cataract.

The cataract can appear on both eyes or only one, but however the cataract is not able to spread from one eye to another.

What Leads to the Development of Cataracts?

Behind the iris and the pupil, the lens is located there. The camera lens work on the same way as our eye lens. The lens only centers the light in different directions directly in to the retina, and then the picture is recorded.

The lens is adjusting according to the eye focus, which allows us to see things clearly from far away or very close.

The lens is made out of mostly water and protein. The protein is placed in a specific way that the lens is clear all the time, which allows the light to pass through the lens.

But the protein is same as the candles on a cake, as the time goes by they clump together, so does the protein. It stacks to a single place, which forms a cloud in the lens and this is the so called cataract that causes a cloudy vision.

As the time passes the cloud increases, and blurs the vision more and more. There are several things that can cause the appearance of a cataract, such as smoking, diabetes and the change of protein through the years.

Symptoms of a Cataract

  • Poor night vision
  • Colors looking faded
  • Cloudy and blurry vision
  • Frequent prescription changes in the contact lenses or eyeglasses
  • Sunlight, lamps and headlights might look to bright
  • Double vision or multiple pictures appearing in one of the eyes (massive cataract)

The symptoms that we mentioned can be signs of other eye issues too. If you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms please visit an eye specialist or consult with your doctor.

Usually this issue is most commonly treated with a surgery, but why rush for it when you can try some natural remedies that can treat the issue. Take a look at the following remedy.

Powerful Natural Remedy


  • A cup of Rose Petals
  • 4 teaspoons of Raspberry Leaves
  • 4 cups of Boiling Water


Put the water in a larger pot and put it on heat. When it starts to boil, add all the ingredients inside and let the m simmer inside for several minutes. Let the water cool down, and then you can strain it. Take the mixture that you strained, and wash your eyes just like you do it with water. Use this remedy once a day.

Using this remedy regularly will prevent from the development of cataract and will also strengthen the retina.


  • Avoid dairy and saturated fat products.
  • Eat foods that are high in vitamin C and E, for example cabbage, blueberries and blackberries.

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