New Toothpaste Leaves Dentists Without Work

The most responsible person for the invention and revolution of our personal hygiene, is a female dentist from Japan, named Kazue Yamagishi. She is the one that has discovered this new kind of toothpaste, that provides amazing effects and has also amazing properties. This toothpaste is able to enter all of your teeth cracks and holes, and it is restoring the enamel in the teeth too.

This toothpaste, makes the dentist manipulations very unnecessary, it has the same compounds and ingredients as the enamel, but the main difference between these two, is that the toothpaste is a liquid. And being in liquid form, make its use very simple. Just like a regular toothpaste, apply it on your toothbrush and rub your teeth normally.

The researchers of this projects, have been testing a lot before they have put it on the market. Its main ingredient is the crystalline calcium phosphate or also known as hydroxylapatite. And this compound is also the main component of our teeth.

When we apply the paste on our teeth, it dilutes the acids on the surface of our teeth and after a few minutes it becomes solid or it starts to crystallize, which fastens to the structure of our enamel.

It is quite amazing, wouldn’t you say?

Some people have found a cheaper version of it on Amazon, because it is quite expensive. But besides that it is expensive, it provides amazing effects! But all of the products that you find on the internet are not the same, because the product of the dentist Kazue Yamagishi is still under testing trials, and will not be able until the late end of 2017.