This Painkiller Is as Effective As Morphine and Is Probably Growing In Your Backyard

Looking at the world we live in, pain is a thing that will be always present and it will only increase as the time goes by.

According to Big Pharma, if you want to treat any type of pain, you should spend a lot of money on medications that are very harmful and dangerous, but they seem to be wrong! Maybe they are not familiar with the wild lettuce, are you? This is a natural alternative which is amazing and it is a perfect replacement for painkillers which are full of harmful toxins, also you can replace the anxiety pills with it.

It would be wise to have this plant growing in the back of your yard, some people may know it as “bitter lettuce” or “opium lettuce”. This is a very leafy plant that grows a little bit taller then other plants, and it has some yellow buds that are very small. Inside there is a milky white substance contained. Don’t worry it is totally legal to use and it is natural, don’t let the nickname of this plant confuse you.

The milky white substance contained in his plant that we mentioned is called “lactucarium” and it is able to soothe the pain just as effective as the morphine.

If you are dealing with conditions such as inflammation, nerve injury, surgical pain or fibromyalgia, this plant is the best thing for you. Most commonly people are using it to treat coughs, anxiety, migraines or insomnia.

Say hello to the Wild Lettuce, and farewell to the pain!