Having A Pimple On This Body Part Is A Symptom Of Something Serious

The pilonidal sinus appears at the beginning of the buttocks, the “scab.” It consists of waste ingredients from the skin and hair. Increased fibers cause the formation of ulcer and inflammation.

You can turn on turmeric in your diet to remove them. Start adding it to your dishes, and this will enable other numerous positive effects. Curcuma is very successful in treating a variety of different diseases.

In addition, it can also make a paste of turmeric and water. Apply the mixture through the inflamed place, three times a day.

What is pilonidal disease?

In over 90% of cases, males are affected, and in particular, those with pronounced fibrosis of the integral fur on the back of the back. The disease most commonly occurs for the first time in puberty when the growth of the hair, and the activity of the sebaceous glands is enhanced.

Jeep driver’s disease or cyst is a chronic inflammation of the soft tissue in the crease above the buttock. It most commonly manifests itself as a strongly inflamed plus (an abscess) that is locally followed by:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • strong pain
  • increased body temperature
  • fever
  • general weakness of the organism

Pilonidal  disease can also be manifested as a chronic sinus with one or more openings on the surface of the skin from which the purulent content continuously flows. Basically, it is a cystic cavity filled with fibers, fibrous tissue, and inflammatory cells.

It is interesting that there are disagreements over the question of whether the pilonidal cysts are congenital or acquired, although it is believed that they have been acquired, since in most cases, the cause of feces is irritation and restored fibers in the deep structure of the saddle region with consequent infection.

This is emphasized when:

  • long sitting
  • bad hygiene
  • a pronounced hairiness in that region
  • from tight and uncomfortable clothes
  • too much sweating in that part and rubbing
  • infected lymph nodes
  • harmful hair follicles,using public toilets
  • a weak immune system
  • allergic reactions
  • stress and irregular diet, and so on

Pilonidal disease can be manifested in puberty for the first time when gastrointestinal enlargement increases, and the hair growth in this region is encouraged. The disease is more common in men than in women. If left untreated, it can become a chronic disease that develops gradually and exhausts the body.

Occurrence of festering hot spots

Foggy hot spots (abscesses) that are strongly hurting and create tension in the sedentary region with redness and swelling can collapse on their own or surgically to be cut to squeeze the pus.

Then the infection calms down, but with the least stress, effort or reduction of the general resistance of the organism, pulsions abscess again appears.

Chronic inflammation in the saddle area is something that also occurs in a clinical form, with mild swelling and redness, with pain that is highlighted during a long sitting. On the surface of the skin, there are one or more syringe openings from which the pus is continually flowing. This clinical form of the disease is called the pilonidal sinus.

Here’s how it should be cured:


The use of hot bets during the initial stages can reduce the growth of the infection. Heat effectively increases blood circulation, and thus, it provides a better function of white blood cells in the fight against infection.

Place warm bets two or three times a day, depending on the size of the inflammation. This will allow you to make it easier to dispose of the pus. After the leakage of the pus, the area should be washed with antibacterial soap and left to dry. If you do not want the wound to open, then put a bandage.

Turmeric paste

Turmeric has many healing properties. The paste is made from turmeric powder in a large part, and mixed with a bit of bitter salt (magnesium sulfate), honey, castor oil and iodine.

Regularly apply this paste on the sinus until the pus is drawn from it.

Yellow root (Hydrastis canadensis)

Yellow root powder is mixed with a little water to get a paste. This paste is applied several times during the day.


Drink at least 8-10 cups of water to allow the body to eject the toxins more easily and reduce the infection.


The onion has the best antiseptic properties compared to other vegetables. It helps in speeding up the treatment process. All you need to do is to cut the onions into thick pieces and place them on the inflamed place.

Cover with a towel, and change the onions with onions every 2-3 hours!

Note: Never try to penetrate the sinus yourself, as it can aggravate the condition and increase the intensity of the infection.

Surgical treatment and operative treatment

In preoperative preparation after examination, the acute infection is soothed by antibiotics or local cleansing of the pus, which is done by cutting the skin.

Other described forms can be operated immediately. The operation is performed in a local potentiated anesthesia, which means that the patient is in a light sleep and does not feel pain. The entire sedentary area affected by the pilonidal disease should be completely removed in width and depth.

The wound is then covered with a local lump -- a healthy tissue consisting of adipose tissue and skin. The scroll is moved locally covering the defect in the saddle area. The wound is then sewn and bound.

Postoperative care consists of frequent dressings and hygiene of the saddle area. After ten days, the stitches are removed so that the surgical part of the treatment is completed. The next step is to treat an operative scar with specific fats or creams for faster healing and fading.


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