This Is What the Samsung Smart TV Privacy Policy Warning Means for You

In a time where digital paranoia is pretty common, nobody would want to have worries while they are in their home. But Samsung’s privacy policy is causing a little bit of confusion and trouble, because the time you spend at home may not be that worry-free as you think. Especially if you own a Smart TV set.

What’s Wrong with the Samsung Smart TV Privacy Policy?

As the years passed, people got rid of the old, out dated, clunky and remote controlled TV’s and replaced them with the new sexy, think and sleek televisions that mostly are controlled by voice. But despite the futuristic look and controlling technology, you might want to take a look why they are not that desirable.

Everyday more and more people are buying these Smart TV’s, even though some of them are already owning one or more, you might want to read this article. Daily Beast reported in a certain article that, the voice command might be memorizing more things than your regular command of playing your favorite song or play your favorite television show.

According to the 2015 Samsung TV privacy policy -- “The spoken words recorded by the smart tv, even if they include personal information or some other sensitive things, they will be memorized and might be transmitted to another party”.

After finding out this fact, many people were comparing the Samsung’s privacy policy to George Owell’s from 1984.

Right: 1984

Left: Samsung TV’s privacy policy, which warns users that they shouldn’t discuss anything personal and share information while watching TV or being in front of it.

There were some interesting updates in the privacy policy terms of Samsung TV, but somehow they seem a little bit unclear.

“By activating the Voice Recognition, you will be able to interact with your TV, by talking to it. In order for the Voice Recognition to work properly and not make any mistakes, sometimes if some words cannot be understood by the Smart TV, the information you gave to it, might be sent to a third party, like a service provider, only for the command to be correct and to provide the requirement. In order to improve the Voice Recognition feature, the Smart TV is able to capture and memorize voice commands, this is because it would be much easier for it to recognize the phrases later when you use them, and to improve the quality of the Voice Recognition feature as well. The interactive voice will only be collected when you try to make a very specific search, by simply clicking the activate button on the remote control or on the screen, and speaking to the microphone which is placed in the remote control.”

What the Samsung Smart TV Privacy Policy Actually Means?

The privacy policy actually wants to make their customers (you) more satisfied by using all of their features, and in this case the Voice Recognition as well. Therefore the director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, came up with an idea, that this Samsung feature is using a third party service, only to convert the spoken information into text without any mistakes in it, and to provide a more seamless TV experience. Knowing this you can watch TV relaxed, and know that the Samsung company are not there to get you.

Here’s How to Protect Your Privacy Online and On Your Devices

For those users of Smart TV from Samsung, take a look a this rule from the privacy policy:

“If the Voice Recognition feature is disabled, the interactive features will also not be able. You might be able to control it with some simple voice commands that were predefined. The Voice Recognition feature can be simply disabled by visiting the settings menu anytime you want. But by disabling this feature you will not be able to use a lot of the Voice recognition features.”

In fact if you disable the Voice Recognition feature, why did you buy that Smart TV in the first place? Is it worth to spend that much money on that kind of technology and still worry that your conversations will be tracked and will be used against you.

However, there are 7 effective steps to protect your online privacy and you can start taking today:

  • Keep you PC virus-free
  • If you are thinking more than twice about should you share something or not, then don’t
  • Switch search engines (DuckDuckGo is cannot be tracked)
  • Try to use only secure Wi-Fi connections
  • Read the privacy policy terms of use, don’t skip them
  • Don’t give any personal information
  • Change your passwords more often

We highly hope that these few hints will keep you protected and will make you a lot safer when you are using your technologies while relaxing at home.

Another sources linked in The hearty soul’s article:


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