Simple Tricks to Remove Stains from Your Clothes and Make Them Pure White

Many people’s first choice are white clothes, I bet yours too. But the problem with white clothes is that they get stained very easy.

The most expensive detergents or stain cleaners sometimes cannot clean the stubborn stains. If you keep on trying to get rid of it, you’ll end up losing the white color on the clothing.

There are a few more things you can do, to prevent from these things and get your pure white color, and have your stainless clothing once more.

There are incredible tricks to remove the stains, the following 3 are one of them, also it is very cool that these tricks are natural:

Vinegar and Lemon

Mix vinegar with lemon juice and vinegar in equal amounts, wash the clothes with this mixture. If you wash the clothes with this mixture the stains will be gone and they will have a fresh smell.


Mix water with 6 crushed aspirins in a bowl, put your clothes in the bowl. Let them soak in the bowl for 30 minutes, then wash the clothes with a detergent. Then you’ll have your clothes pure white.

Baking Soda

In 4 liters of water put a cup of baking soda, mix it and when it the mixture is homogenous, place the clothes inside, soak them for a few minutes. The stains will be washed after this, and the color will be restored.

Try these tricks and free yourself of stains and make your clothes white again!