Study: Fasting for Three Days can Regenerate the Entire Immune System of Humans

The benefits of Fasting had been revealed not long ago, also it is a very healthy habit.

Fasting diets had become very popular since studies have found out that a diet with very low-calorie levels are providing great effects in the process of losing weight. Also fasting is regenerating the immunity system.

Dr. Michael Mosely popularized the 5:2 diet, this diet includes 5 days of normal diet, and 2 days of fasting.

His process of losing weight was documented by a TV program, where he showed his amazing youthful look and amazing health, which he told that he got from long-term effects of very-low-calorie diets.

The ones that tried the diet said that they experienced great improvements, due to consuming very small amounts of food over long periods.

The University Of Southern California had done a study on fasting, and they proved that it regenerates the immunity system. The weakness of cells that are essential for human health, that is the reason of many diseases, including cancer.

Therefore, fasting is used to regenerate the cells and produce a lot of new white blood cells. These cells prevent from infections, and are very helpful for immune disorders.

According to the lead researcher of the fasting study, professor Valter Longo:

“ By using the fasting diets, many cells can be regenerated, and many new can be created, that will rebuild the entire immune system. The body can get rid of the old and damaged parts in the system, and replace them with new ones. This can only be accomplished with fasting.

If you have a damaged immune system by chemotherapy, or if you are old, literally fasting can gain you a new immune system.