Take This Vitamin to Repel Mosquitoes All Summer Long

Everybody loves the summer time, but we all have problems and we all know how annoying the mosquitoes can be. Not only that they bite and cause itchiness or whine in the ear, but also they are spreading a lot of diseases, actually 700 million people around the world get diseases from mosquitoes.

There are many commercial mosquito repellents, but in these products there are a lot of chemicals, which can easily lead to unpleasant side-effects.

You can prevent from the mosquito bites and keep them away throughout the entire summer, by consuming a vitamin naturally. That vitamin is the B1, it also goes by the name thiamin, and mostly it is contained in the brown rice, liver, asparagus, yeast, oatmeal, kale and eggs.

This vitamin is very beneficial, it is able to reduce stress and boost our immune system, and the most important thing about this vitamin is that it is able to change the body’s natural smell, which is usually attracting insects and mosquitoes.

Some conditions such as chronic alcoholism, Crohn’s disease, gastric bypass, and anorexia are lowering the levels of thiamin in our body.

In order to optimize the levels of thiamin in your body, you need to increase the consumption of foods that are rich in this vitamin, or simply take 100 mg of supplements on daily basis. After 2 weeks of consumption, you will be fully protected from insects and mosquitoes, and you will no longer be annoyed by them.

Treating Mosquito Bites

Rubbing apple cider vinegar directly on the mosquito bite, will soothe the pain and itchiness.

In order to prevent from further infections and relieve from the symptoms of the bite, you can topically add a slice of raw onion or fresh garlic. Also you can soothe the itchiness and prevent from infections by adding calamine lotion, or also you may use over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream as well.

Also you can use this natural mosquito repellent below if you don’t want to use commercial products.


  • Boiled Water
  • 15 drops of tea tree oil
  • 15 drops of lavender oil
  • Half a teaspoon of witch hazel


In a spray bottle (8 oz.), fill it up to the half with boiled water, then add the witch hazel and the oils inside, shake it well in order for the ingredients to mix together, and you may use it as a mosquito repellent.

Source: healthylifenews.org


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