The Noodles That are Linked to Chronic Inflammation, Weight Gain, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

For people with a busy schedule or who are strapped for time, like college students, one of the most popular meals on the menu are the instant noodles. Maybe nobody is considering them to be a healthy food, but also nobody thinks they are bad for your health, maybe they are but not as bad as a fast-food burrito or french fries with a burger, that’s what people think.

Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital, has done a study and it may change the thoughts of these instant noodles and their everyday use.

Dr. Kuo was using a camera that was the size of a pill, and he wanted to see what was happening to the noodles in our digestive tract after you eat the, and at the end of the research, he was astonished by the results!

The Ramen Noodles Don’t Break Down After Hours of Digestion

In the video that we showed you above, you can see the ramen noodles inside the stomach. They are still intact remarkably even after 2 hours of digestion, and they were compared with the homemade ramen noodles. This is very concerning because of many reasons.

First, it is bad for our digestive system, because it is taking hours of digestion only to break down the noodles, which means this food is highly processed. But other processed foods are broken down very easily, and they release a lot of insulin and interfere with our blood sugar levels.