This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others

Ricks Simpson who was suffering from skin cancer, has cured himself in 2003 only with the use of cannabis oil. He offered his recipe to the world, in order for others to cure themselves too, he highly recommended it.

One day the world will whisper the name “Rick Simpson”, because he found an effective way to cure cancer, without any harmful chemotherapy. After the diagnose in 2003, of cell carcinoma or skin cancer, Mr. Rick Simpson went immediately under a surgery and conventional treatments. However, the treatment he was on, helped him but not as much as he needed, therefore he took the situation in his hands.

He was very desperate about how the treatment was affecting his disease, that’s the main reason why he wanted to do something more.

The thing that the University of Virginia had discovered that compound in the cannabis THC is able to kill cancer cells in laboratory mice, came up to his mind and he thought if that thing could work on mice, why wouldn’t it work on me. From that point on, he started to apply cannabis oil to treat his skin cancer.

He swore that if the oil didn’t provide any positive effects on his disease in 4 days, he would quit the treatment. And guess what, in a very short period his disease got better, and got completely cured. That was the moment when Mr. Simpson knew what he should do.

He started supporting people and trying to make them try the cannabis oil as a cure against cancer. His therapy was proven to be very successful, a lot of people have cured themselves thanks to Rick Simpson’s therapy with cannabis oil!

And he accomplished his goal, but not only that, the U.S National Cancer Institute has admitted that the compound THC in cannabis is able to kill cancer cells, while leaving the healthy ones unharmed.

With these facts, the society’s view on the herb has changed drastically, they started looking at it more as a medicine, not only as a drug.

Knowing this, you might help someone if you know that they are suffering from cancer, let them see a clear example that someone like Rick Simpson is able to be cured from cancer only with the use of cannabis oil.

Important: The instructions you are about to read are directly taken from Rick Simpson’s website. Be very careful in the preparation process, because some ingredients are highly flammable. Try to avoid red-hot heating elements, stove-tops and smoking. Also make the preparation process in a well ventilated area of your home, or put something that will blow away the fumes that come out of the pot.

Homemade Medicinal Cannabis Oil

Get 1 ounce of the dry herb, and from that ounce you will be able to get about 3 or 4 grams of the oil, but nothing can guarantee how much oil you will produce, because every ounce will be different. A pound of the dry herb, will produce about an ounce of the oil, also it depends on the quality of the herb.

Step by step, preparation and making process:

  1. Put the dry herb in a larger plastic bucket or a bowl.
  2. Use the solvent you chose, and damp the herb with it. Don’t think too much about the solvent, you can use anyone you want. Choose from butane, ether, pure naphtha, or just go with 99% isopropyl alcohol. In order to extract all of the THC from the dry herb, you will need 2 gallons of the solvent, but 500 ml will be enough for the one ounce of dry herb.
  3. Use a wooden, untreated wood or other stick to crush the herb, or use something else. Don’t worry the crushing is after the herb becomes damp, therefore it will be very easy to crush, because it will be very dry.
  4. Crush the material, and constantly keep adding the solvent, keep adding until the herb is totally soaked in it. When it is all crushed and soaked, stir well for 3 minutes or so. As you are doing this, the herb will release all of the THC in the solvent.
  5. Once you’ve done this, pour the THC solvent in another bucket and separate the oil mixture from the herb, this way 80% of the THC has came out.
  6. When the herb is separated from the oil solvent, add more solvent to the herb and stir for another 3 minutes, that way you will get the rest of the THC out of the herb.
  7. Once you are done, pour the rest of the solvent-oil mixture in the bucket that has solvent-oil mix from before.
  8. Get rid of the material that was washed twice.
  9. Get the mixture in another clean bucket, by using a coffee filter.
  10. Then start boiling the solvent, to boil it off nice, try using a rice cooker. It will be able to take 1/2 a gallon of the mix. Caution: avoid red-hot elements, cigarettes, sparks, open flames, and stove-tops, because the fumes are highly flammable.
  11. Keep adding solvent to the rice cooker until it becomes full up to 3/4, and cook it on very high heat. As we said before, choose a very well ventilated area, or set up a fan which will blow the smoke that comes out of the pot. As the solvent starts to boil, some part will start to evaporate, so when the level lowers, add some more after the level is lowered.
  12. Again after a while, when the level lowers again, add about 10 drops of water into it. The water will be able to protect the oil from the high heat, and it will again evaporate the solvent that was left over.
  13. When there is about an inch left in the pot, grab a wooden spoon and stir well until the mixture becomes oily, and all of the water and solvent has evaporated.
  14. When all of the mixture has boiled, lower the heat, because the mixture must not reach above 140 degrees C or 290 degrees F.
  15. Once the mixture is all oily and there is no water left to boil off, put the oil in a metal and clean container using the wooden spoon.
  16. Once the oil is in the metal container, put it on a device that produces very low heat, such as a coffee warmer that works on gas, it will take awhile, but that is the only way for the leftover water molecules to evaporate from it. You will know that it is ready, when there is no smoke coming out and there is no water evaporation.
  17. Contain the oil in a plastic syringe, or in any plastic container it could be fitted in. But using the syringe will make it easy to use. Once the oil is completely cooled it will be thick and sticky., and how to use it, you can find out on Rick Simpson’s website.

Share this amazing, natural way for curing cancer, let your friends know about it, let it spread for the people who are in need for this kind of treatment!



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