Three New “Non-Browning” GMO Apples To Hit Store Shelves! Here Is How To Avoid Them

Two weeks after the first genetically engineered apple was made and approved, on February 2015, the company that created it has payed $41 million ($10 million upfront). Because of the very controversial product they have mad which clearly nobody liked or wanted.

The company was left speechless and had questions, because to make this approved by the FDA, without no feeding trials or pre-market testings for safety, they had to deal and battle with petitions, protesters to release the “genetically engineered apple that doesn’t turn brown”.

After a few years of speculation, there are 3 types of GMO apples that are about to be released and get to our store shelves. A lot of people are in the dark, with the replacement of the natural apple with the genetically modified apple.

Three New Untested and Unlabeled GMO Apples

The latest posts on the Facebook page GMO Free USA, have shown that a new GMO apple is about to be released and it is called the Fuji apple. It has been USDA approved, just like the “Arctic” apple was approved.

So, three non-browning apples that are genetically engineered have been approved: Arctic Fuji apple, Arctic Granny Smith and Arctic Golden apple. Also the Gala apples might be the next one in the “waiting to be approved” line.  The Golden and Granny Smith are expected to be released in groceries and markets this fall, but it seems that the Fuji will join them too.

The last genetically engineered apples were the Fuji apples. The best way to avoid them, since they are released this fall, is to get 100% organic apples. The people that will consume these kinds of apples will be like guinea pigs, because of the lack of safety tests the apple has been through. The GMO apples are different from the others, they don’t turn brown when they are bad, and with this we ask you, by eating these apples are you going to know and how, if you are not eating a bad rotting apple, we think that you won’t even know it.

Because of these things, the Organic Consumers Association has made a campaign trying to protect everyone, and convinced many companies like McDonald’s and Wendy’s not to use them due to their lack of safety testings.

However, these apples will be mostly used by the food service companies and restaurants, who can actually serve an expired apple who is actually rotting, as fresh and healthy apple until it s bottom line comes.

Nobody knows how these apples who are GMO, will affect our organisms or bodies, which is why they have removed the gene that makes the apples to turn brown.

The president Ronnie Cummins, has said that “all of this is just a big experiment on us for no good reason”.

How to Avoid the New GMO Apples

In western U.S markets this fall, around 1000-1,200, 40 pound boxes of the new Arctic Golden apple will be sold in grocery stores, they will be sliced and sold for marketing purposes only. It will be provided by the company that grows its apples in the East Coast, the Pacific Northwest and in Canada.

According to the Capital Press posts, mostly restaurants will be interested in the use of GMO apples, and this means that the people who will eat them over there, will be guinea pigs.

Here’s what to do, to avoid the GMO apples:

  • Buy your apples from a trusted farmer, or a 100% organic product stores.
  • Don’t buy the apples with a special package, or that are labeled with “Arctic”.
  • Avoid buying pre-sliced or unlabeled apples, for example like the ones in kid’s meals or cafeterias.

Even Apple Growers Nationwide Don’t Want GMOs

Many of the apple producing companies are against the production of these apples, because people might fool themselves enough to buy these apples, and that way the companies will be in lack of profit.

The Northwest Horticultural Council is 60% of the U.S crop apple growers. Inside it there are firms like British Columbia Fruit Growers, and U.S Apple Association. The non-browning apple is a processed food, and it has gone through very few safety tests, so we do not know how it will affect us, and avoiding it will actually be the smartest thing we could do to prevent from its effects on us.

The Center for Food Safety, has wrote “ As usual, this product only benefits the biotech industry and big food processing companies ”, to boycott more of the companies for GMO apples.

Check out the video below, and see a few more things about the GMO non-browning apple:

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