Here Are The Top 10 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil by some people is considered to be a super-food. It contains numerous essential nutrients and it is able to treat a lot of diseases, it is also good in improving your health in general. Here is a list of the main health benefits of the coconut oil:

1. Nations that consume a lot of coconut oil are significantly healthier than the rest of the world

According to the latest studies, people who use coconut oil on daily basis, are a lot healthier and have a better cardiovascular system than the ones that are not using it. For example we can take the Tokelaunans, they are a very small nation in the South Pacific. 60% of the calories they consume are consumed through the coconut oil, and they have never heard of a heart disease.

2. It contains a unique combination of fatty acids

Coconut oil is a rich source of saturated fat, and according to the latest studies, it was concluded that the saturated fat was not harmful for us at all -- indeed it helps our heart’s function. And besides that, the saturated fat that is contained in the coconut oil, is not the same even a little bit, with the one in a steak or a cheese.

Also the coconut oil not only that it contains saturated fat, it contains medium-chain triglycerides which our body metabolizes efficiently and quickly. They are turned in to ketones in the liver, where they are transported directly. The ketones have a lot of healing properties, and they are very powerful compounds. They are also considered to be one of the most potent Alzheimer’s disease treatments.

3. Lauric acid – a powerful antibacterial compound

The lauric acid has the ability to destroy every bacteria that comes in contact with it, it is a very powerful compound that is also contained in the coconut oil. The mixture of lauric acid with monolaurin (which also is contained in the coconut oil), is able to treat many bacteria, viruses and fungi too. The dangerous Staphylococcus Aureus bacterium and as well as the Candida Albicans yeast can be destroyed with coconut oil, due to the mixture of these two, that make a perfect combo.

4. Coconut oil will boost your energy expenditure and help you lose weight

Many people think that the consumption of too many calories is the main reason for obesity, but others also know that the calories consumption is very important. Our body is affected differently by different foods, and no two calories are created equally. The best calorie source in the coconut oil is the MCTs, these will help you lose extra weight and will boost your energy to a higher level too.

5. Ketones can reduce seizures

Have you ever heard of a keto diet? The keto diets are aiming to put your body in a different state, where it changes the metabolism to burn ketones as fuel instead of fat. The MTCs that are contained in the coconut oil, are later turned into ketones in our body, which have been proven to reduce seizures in children, and reduce epileptic attacks. Keto diets are relying on the consumption of a lot of foods that contain healthy fats, and consume very small amounts of carbs, this will be very beneficial if you are looking for a way to lose wight.

6. Curbs your cravings

Coconut oil can be used to prevent yourself from overeating, it can be a good snack to reduce your cravings. There was a study that was done, on how the calories are spend that were accumulated from the coconut oil. This is due to the different way of metabolizing of fatty acids.

In the researches, 6 of the subjects were fed with medium or long-chain fatty acids, and the men that were getting MCTs were eating 256 calories less on daily basis. The same study was done but on a larger group of subjects, and the results were the same. So it is totally safe to use this oil to stop the food cravings away.

7. Coconut oil hydrates the skin and prevents sun damage

A lot of benefits can be provided even when the coconut oil is not consumed. For example, rubbing some on your skin will prevent from the bad UV-rays that are harmful for our skin, and will keep your skin hydrated. This oil is able to kill harmful bacteria that are in your mouth, indeed these are the bacteria that cause tooth loss and decay, and also it is able to protect your hair.

8. Coconut oil can regulate your cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease

As we said before, this oil is a rich source of saturated fats, that are causing no harm to our cardiovascular system. The saturated fats are very beneficial for us, and they cause no harm to us. A recent study has proven that the saturated fats are able to regulate your cholesterol levels and prevent from high LDL levels, they improve the blood coagulation factor and reduce the triglycerides. This will reduce the risk of getting a heart attack, and it will prevent from a lot of cardiovascular diseases.

9. The fatty acids in the oil can treat Alzheimer’s disease

Once the MCTs that are are turned to ketones, that are contained in the coconut oil, they are very beneficial for our brain. According to the researches, the ketones can act as brain fuel, and are very good for treating Alzheimer’s disease. At the moment some studies are in queue, and are trying to develop a way for ketones to be used as therapeutic agents for patiens that are dealing with any stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

10. It will reduce your excess abdominal fat

The fact that the coconut oil is able to increase your energy, and that it can improve the process of burning fat, it is able to help you lose wight. This oil is very beneficial in the case of getting rid of abdominal fat, which is the most dangerous type of fat and may cause a lot of problems and damage to your body.

There was a recent study, in which 40 obese women were fed with 30 ml of coconut oil on daily basis or placebo -- the group that was fed with coconut oil  was able to lose wight much easier.

Besides all this, the research was done on a very small scale, all of the women were not on a diet and they were not exercising at all, so the reason is clear that the cause for the weight losing is the coconut oil.

To get the maximum out of the coconut oil, try using organic coconut oil, don’t use the processed type. To improve your health in general, use coconut oil on daily basis!



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