Walking Barefoot Might Be An Essential Element of Good Health

When was the last time you took off your shoes and walked the surface of the Earth bare footed? It has probably been a while, hasn’t it?

It is miraculous as it sounds, but doing this thing is a simple pleasure that is able to improve and boost your overall health very much!

The activity in which you have removed your shoes, connecting directly with the Earth’s surface is known as grounding or Earthing.

You are an Electrical Being, and the Earth’s Surface is Electrically Conductive

Your body is producing positive charges all the time, which means you are an electrical being, which means that it can get harmful and oxidize you if it is excessive. On the other hand the surface of the Earth is conductive, it contains negative charges that have free electron supplies, which are replenished by the global atmospheric electrical circuit.

The Journal of Environmental and Public Health, wrote a report:

“It is a well known fact that the Earth’s surface contains a limitless amount of mobile or free electrons.

…Therefore some studies have concluded that with the Earth’s negative potential, many body functions can be supported and normalized, because our body has a positive potential. However, the Earth’s potential oscillations are very important, because that is the only way we set our biological clock, we regulate our body rhythms and the secretion of cortisol as well.”

There is a research at the moment, which is trying to prove that the connection with the Earth is playing a vital role in our health, and it can prevent from many issues and diseases and offers numerous benefits at the same time.

The main problem of how this connection was lost is the modern life. Millions of years ago, both men and women walked bare footed, and slept on animal skin, which also allowed for the electrons to pass through the body, but with the today’s clothing and everything, we lost that precious bond.

The Earth’s flow of electrons has been separated from us with the modern lifestyle we live

Lets take for example, the shoes we wear. Ever since the 1960’s when the shoe industry started to make the shoes from plastic or rubber, and they should have been making them from leather, which is the traditional way, and we aren’t sleeping on the ground as well, we have modern beds that are comfy and sofy.

What Happens When You Absorb Free Electrons from the Earth?

The theory, behind this theory is that since the Earth has a lot greater negative charge than your body has, you absorb electrons from the Earth, it is simple as that! And having this connection will develop you the strongest and most powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties for your body!

To be more precise and simple, the electrons from the Earth that enter your body are able to reduce chronic inflammation and both neutralize free radicals that are inside us, and these are one of the main problems for many diseases, accelerated aging and a lot of other health conditions.

Earthing Research Shows Significant Benefits

This bond with the Earth’s surface has been shown that it can improve a lot of health conditions, prevent from many diseases and offer a variety of health benefits:

  • Energy levels
  • Hypertension
  • PMS
  • Inflammation
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Respiratory and asthmatic conditions
  • Joint and muscle pain, as well as other types of pain
  • Sleep disturbances, such as sleep apnea
  • Heart rate variability
  • Immune system response and activity
  • Fasting glucose levels in people with diabetes
  • Primary indicators of osteoporosis

There is another benefit when your body is grounded. And researchers and experts explain it in the next way: “The body’s electrical potential equalizes with the Earth’s potential with the transfer of electrons through our body from the Earth’s surface.” On the other hand, this process allows as a protecting shield from the electromagnetic fields that occur in the environment we live.

Earthing Prescription

The health benefits that can be provided by grounding or Earthing, are simply miraculous and experts recommend it to prevent from many diseases and health issues as well. It is very simple, take off your shoes and simply feel the connection, walk bare footed in the dirt, on the grass, in the sand on the beach or wherever you want to walk, and whatever Earth has to offer you!

According to many studies, you can relieve from any type of pain or stress, only by walking from 30 to 80 minutes barefooted.

Source: articles.mercola.com


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