10 Industrial Uses for Coke Which Prove It’s Not Fit for Human Consumption

Being recognized all arount the world, Coca-Cola is one of the most famous brands of all time. Across the globe in many places it is easier to ask for Coke, than for a glass of clean water.

Even that it’s one of the number one brands in the world, the Coca-Cola company is connected with the water shortages and pollution in the world.

Many researchers have questioned themselves about the toxicity of the drink, because of its acidity. The battery acid is one point lower in the pH rating than Coke.

Researchers sponsored by National Heart, Lung and Blood institute, during their 4-year research have found that the chance of developing metabolic syndrome is 44% higher if you have 1 soda a day.

Studying more than 2.400 middle aged citizens of Framingham. The researchers focuses on 1.600 people who didn’t show any sign of metabolic syndrome when the study began. These people were tracked for 4 years.

The ones that drank one soda a day or more, also had:

  • A 30% higher risk of having larger waistline
  • A 32% greater risk of having low levels of good cholesterol
  • A 31% greater risk of becoming obese
  • A 25% higher risk of developing high blood triglycerides or high blood sugar
  • A trend toward an increased risk of high blood pressure

A study has shown that if you consume one or more Cokes a day, the chance of getting a stroke or a heart attack is 48% higher, compared to people who don’t drink Coke every day or don’t drink it at all.

These drinks are also linked to respiratory disorders such as asthma or COPD.

10 Household Uses for Coke

Its high acidity hasn’t seemed quite good for the human body, bit it makes it a perfect cleaning agent.

To help you understand, between zero and seven is in the acidic scale, from seven to fourteen it’s alkaline on the scale. pH level of a battery acid is one, with pure water a pH of seven.

The pH levels of Coke is as low as 2.5, according to the tests done for acidity.

The 10 ways of using Coke as a domestic cleaner show us that it is bad for human consumption.

1. You can remove rust, this methods includes a sponge fabric, and aluminum foil soaked in Coke.

2. Try removing any blood stains from clothes.

3. Best way to clean oil stains from your garage floor: let the stain soak, hose off.

4. Try cleaning your burnt pans by pouring coke in the pan, letting it soak and then rinse it.

5. Also you can clean your car engine. This method has been used for decades.

6. Remove tarnish from pennies and make them shine again, just by soaking them in Coke.

7. With coke you can remove stains off vitreous china.

8. Pour coke around your toilet bowl, let it sit for a while then flush, a simple way to free your toilet bowl free of bacteria.

9. Aluminium foil and Coke can make Chrome shine.

10. Remove paint from metal furniture by soaking a towel in Coke and just leave it on the area.

After all Coca-Cola is a wonderful product for many uses, but consuming it is not one of them!

Source: www.cleanfoodhouse.com


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