10-Minutes Treatment to Relieve The Sciatic Nerve Pain

The longest nerve that is in our body, is the sciatic nerve. It stretches from our buttock and our lower back, through our legs, to our feet.

This nerve can very often be irritated or inflamed, which can lead to a lot of pain to occur in every move we make.

The pain caused from our sciatic nerve, can vary, but be sure that this pain can never be too mild. This pain can be followed by prickling, feeling your legs heavy, numbness, and having difficulties to stand or move your legs.

Mostly the sciatica pain is treated with prescribed painkillers, but they don’t offer a long term solution, they just offer a soothing effect and reduce the pain and the symptoms for a while.

If you want to treat this issue and get into its core, you must try some natural remedies and cures, some stretches and exercises as well. If you really want to treat the sciatica pain, we suggest you to try this natural treatment before going to bed, it will take only 10 minutes of your time:

Get a plastic deeper bucket, and fill it with hot water, not boiling hot though, add a handful of salt and 1 liter of apple cider vinegar.

Stir for a while, so that the salt can melt easily, once it has melted in the water, soak your feet inside. Soak them until the water gets cooled. Then use a towel to dry your feet, and then you can go to bed. Make sure your legs are covered well, so that they stay warm through the whole night.

When you get up, put some warm socks on your feet, make your feet warm throughout the day. And avoid to walk barefooted.

This treatment will help your feet stay warm most of the time, which will provide an amazing effect and relief against the pain through the entire legs, and even the lower back (all the way that the sciatic nerve is stretching). The effects and improvement will be felt right after the first treatment.

Do this every day in order to treat your sciatic nerve pain. Also you can check out the video below, it is well demonstrated step by step, what you should do, and what are the effects afterwards.

If you find this article interesting and helpful, share it with your friends and family, if they suffer from sciatic nerve pain, they will be amazed by this natural way of treating it.

Source: theorganicawareness.com


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