10 Plants to Bring Positive Energy and Good Fortune Into Your Home

You may heard what Feng Shui is. In case you haven’t, it is a very old and ancient technique for placing some objects in some certain spots, and this technique is able to make you feel more relaxed and more happy when you are in your home in your favorite place. Just like many other things, the plants are inorganic and they have some energy inside them. Even scientifically it has been proven that some plants can make a difference in the atmosphere of your home, according to NASA’s researches, some plants are able to relieve from dangerous chemicals and toxins that surround you in the air, which will improve your breathing and make it a lot easier.

Here are 10 plants that will purify the air in your home and bring positive energy:


The palm trees are able to get rid of the xylene and formaldehyde that is in the air, but also their tall appearance and their huge leaves, are making the rooms more divided.

Peace Lily

Even when you hear or read the name of this plant is giving you some positive vibes. This plant is very beautiful and it is mostly placed in homes to enrich their look, but also it is able to prevent and neutralize the toxins that are pretty dangerous and surround you in the air of your home.


This plant is releasing huge amounts of oxygen through the night, and besides that it is one of the prettiest looking plants out there, it is ideal for your bedroom. The carbon monoxide will be consumed by the plant, and fresh oxygen will be released through the night. Also it can neutralize some other toxins in the air, and it will improve your sleep very much.


It cleanses the air from toxins, and it looks wonderful as it smells. Placing only one plant in your living room will boost your energy in a positive way, and it will improve your memory too.


This tree is also known as the Money tree, because it is said that this tree is able to bring wealth and prosperity in the home where it is placed. It looks very beautiful and majestic, and also it doesn’t require too much attention, it just needs to be watered regularly.

Lucky Bamboo

The main symbol of the Feng Shui, is the Lucky Bamboo. It is believed that this tree is able to bring happiness, prosperity and positive energy in the home where it is placed. It really is able to boost up your energy. It requires almost no attention. Just put water in a large bowl with some reeds, place it inside, and you can forget about the watering and all of the care things.

African Violet

If we go by the Feng Shui, if you place an African Violet in your southeast corner of your home, this plant will bring a lot of wealth and prosperity in the home. It looks beautiful, because its leaves look exactly like gold coins.


This plant is one of the best plants to be used as a natural air-filter in your home, it is able to get rid of benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde in the air. It can also be placed as a room divider, because it is very big, and also it has a nice shape.

Citrus Trees

All of the citrus trees, like tangerine or lemon trees are symbolizing health and prosperity, they also release a beautiful aroma in the room where they are placed, so they can be used as a natural air freshener.

English Ivy

This tree is perfect for your bedroom, its climbing leaves are very effective in getting rid of the negative energy that is surrounding the environment. They are also cleansing the air from formaldehyde, and many other harmful toxins in the air.

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Source: home.remedydaily.com


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