10 Reasons To Add Chia Seeds Into Your Diet

What Are Chia Seeds?

These are tiny white or black seeds, they are native to Mexico, and they are harvested from a flowering plant which is known as “Salvia Hispanica” which is a member of the mint family. Don’t let their size to fool you, they contain numerous health benefits and are rich with a lot of nutrients. They got their name from the Mayan word which means “strength”. The chia seeds were one of the most important foods for the Mayans and the Aztecs, because of their ability to provide long-lasting energy and fuel performance, they also were considered a food that will be thrived for many generations.

The Top 10 Benefits of Adding Chia Seeds in your Daily Diet:

1. Chia seeds are able to slow down digestion, which then causes the improvement of our blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

2. Due to their richness in protein, they are perfect for vegans, and not only that, they can be added into almost every vegan dish.

3. Eating these tiny seeds, with over 20% of omega-3’s, will increase the intake of the needed probiotics, amino acids and essential fatty acids as well.

4. The chia seeds are very rich with antioxidants which have the ability to protect the sensitive fats that are contained in the seeds, from becoming rancid, giving the seeds a long shelf life and protecting the nutrients.

5. The chia seeds are one of the richest source of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and manganese.

6. Also there is the amino acid tryptophan, contained in the seeds, which is regulating and improving the sleep, mood and appetite.

7. Because the chia seeds are rich with fiber, they are able to absorb water, 10 times their own weight, which forms a gel-like consistency. This means they can also be used in cooking, and they are able to replace eggs, which is a big positive thing for people with egg intolerance and vegans.

8. In the chia seeds, the carbohydrates that are contained are predominantly fiber. They contain insoluble and soluble fiber which are both important for our gut health. 80% of the fiber in the chia seeds is made from the insoluble fiber. The chia seeds are expending in our stomach as well, which gives us the feeling like we are full. Also they can help to manage constipation or regulate bowel movement.

9. Because of their mild taste, the chia seeds are mostly added into smoothies, baked goods, muesli, yogurt, or soaked in milk or water, in order to make a chia pudding.

10. The chia seeds are perfect for vegans or vegetarians, as they are a one and only ingredients, they are dairy, gluten, raw, nut and egg free.

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Source: foodmatters.com


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