10 Secret Health Benefits of Smooching Almost No One Knows

It has been proven many times that kissing is able to boost your confidence and create a much deeper bond with your loved partner which will ignite your inner fire a lot.

Kissing is adored by most people, especially if they are doing it with the right person. But were you familiar with the many benefits that could be provided by a good kiss?

There is the happy hormone which is produced when we are kissing with our partner.

Here is a list of the benefits that are provided by kissing:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Dr. Mercola proved that through kissing we support our blood vessels to dilate or open up, which improves our blood pressure situation and lowers it.

2. Pain Relief

The hormones that are released while we are kissing are actually natural pain relievers. One of the hormones, the endorphins are a lot more powerful than any other analgesic. As we said the blood vessels are dilating while we are kissing, which improves our blood flow and we are able to relieve from a headache or we can soothe migraines.

3. Boosts Heart Health

The University of Paisley has done a study in which it was concluded that men who were constantly making love and kissing had 45% lower risk of developing a heart disease.

4. Improves Oral Health

The saliva production can be naturally increased by kissing. The bacteria and cavity can be eliminated by the enzymes that are contained in the saliva.

5. Boosts Our Immune System

Some scientists have believed from a long time ago that kissing is a way to naturally boost your immune system.

And it seems they were right, because kissing is boosting the immune system’s activity and it can prevent from many viruses, including cytomegalovirus.

But Dr. Hendrie from the University of Leeds, said that the immune system is boosted the most when you are together with the same partner for at least 6 months.

6. Relieves Symptoms of PMS

While we are kissing there are some pain relieving endorphins that are released which can prevent from the pain that occurs during the PMS. Through a good kiss the tension in the down-under is released and the blood flow is increased, that way the discomfort that occurs during that period is soothed.

7. Reduces Stress

At the Northwestern University Feinberg Scchool of Medicine, there was a study which included 2,000 couples, and at the end of the study it was concluded that the couples who kiss spontaneously through the whole day had lower risk to suffer from depression or stress. This is because of the endorphins that have a stress-relieving ability which are released while we enjoy a good kiss with our partner.

8. Strengthens Facial Muscles

In our facial area there are exactly 43 muscles, from which 34 are used while we kiss. We can strengthen these muscles by a longer kissing session, that way we will not only strengthen them but also tone them too!

9. Improves Mood

If we compare our lips to any other are on our body, there are millions more neurons on them. They can be triggered to release the happy hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin while we enjoy a hood kiss. Also there is an oil that can bond us with our partner that is released during a kiss, called sebum.

10. Burn Calories

Even though that kissing cannot replace a full workout, it can burn up to 16 calories, by a single passionate kiss with your loved partner.

Now go and give your partner the best kiss he or she ever had!

Source: fitlife.tv


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