15 Foods That Have No Calories (Almost!) And Have Many Nutrients

First of all, to be fit or to lose extra weight, you know you need to have a great plan about your meals, foods and exercises, and we all know that can be quite challenging.

The foods you eat should be very high with nutrients and rich with vitamins, but have low levels of calories. That is why we made a list of the 15 foods you can eat that have no calories, or almost no calories.


It contains almost no calories, in 100g it has 16 cal, it is mostly made of water.


Having a unique taste, they also have a unique potent medical properties. Also they are low with calories, 30 cal in 100g.

Brussels Sprouts

Containing a lot of vitamins C, K, B and many minerals, they contain 43 cal in 100g.


Containing 30 cal in 100g, watermelons are very rich with antioxidants, and they boost your immune system a lot.


It helps with the process of losing weight, fights cancer and prevents from a lot of health issues, and it has only 25 cal in 100g.


Containing only 16 cal in 100g, they are made of water, mostly, and they contain a lot of vitamins in them.


Very few calories are contained in mushrooms, the chanterelles contain 38 calories in 100g, and portabellas contain only 22 cal in 100g.


The Zucchini are very rich with vitamin A, potassium and folic acid. Also it contains 17 cal in 100g.


Cauliflower will help you and support your health, it helps with digestion and can easily treat inflammation. It contains 25 cal in 100g.


Mostly, they are used to prevent from food craving, also they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. Containing 52 calin 100g.


Carrots treat inflammation, support the health of the eye and regulates the blood sugar, they have diuretic properties. Carrots contain 41 cal in 100g.


Being 93% water, it also contains potassium, iron, selenium, copper, manganese, magnesium, folic acid, vitamins B6, C, K, E and amino acid, is very low with calories and sodium.


It contains only 49 calories in 100 grams, and is very rich with fibers, minerals, also it is a very rich source of proteins.


Containing only 34 calories in 100g, broccoli is loaded with proteins and fiber.


Being rich with vitamin C, oranges can prevent from seasonal flu and colds, they also have a very low amount of calories, 47 calories in 100 grams.

Source: www.healthguidegenius.com


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