The 3-Day Detox That Costs Less Than 10 Dollars

From time to time, each one of us needs a break to rejuvenate, relax, rest or re-organize their spirit, body and mind. Mostly we think that we can do that while we are on vacation, and that is the main reason why people are mostly feeling enthusiastic, refreshed and ready to take on their next challenge!

But have you ever thought about, not being able to go on a vacation? There’s no need for panic, we have the right thing for you.

The same as we need to go on a vacation and get away from the daily grind, our digestive system needs that as well, it needs its own vacation, a break from all the digestion and breaking down foods that we consume every day. The best way to give your digestive system a break, is through fasting, but not every method for detoxification works on the same way. This method is not recommended for beginners, but it is very effective and easy to do, once you honor and commit the body’s need to rest, from the inside-out and opposite.

Many people are constantly struggling with food sensitivities and IBS, and these people are likely to do anything just to keep stomach troubles under their control, they will eat healthy, but sometimes you cannot take care that much for your digestive system, and it needs your care and help! That is the main reason why we want to present this 3 day detox method to you, and it provides quite amazing benefits.

Don’t worry this method is not expensive, and doesn’t require wasting a ton of money on ineffective things, therefore it is clear that this cheap detox technique can be done anywhere you want!

Cost Breakdown:

  • Pink Himalayan Salt -- about $0.25 per tablespoon, and you only need 4, which means it will cost about $1.
  • 4 Lemons -- about %2.
  • Total = $3.

Note: During the detoxification method no other drinks or foods will be consumed besides from the lemon water.

Tip: It is best to start the fasting detox after your diner, around 7 pm, and after 3 days you will end it around 7 pm also.

Day 1

Salt Water Flush:

  • You need to do this in order to be on the “regular” regimen of going to the bathroom, for the longer run which should be from 1 to 3 times on daily basis. If you aren’t on this regimen than your colon will become toxic and will make you gain extra weight, and also you will not feel good.
  • The cheapest, natural and easiest way to cleanse your colon is through the Salt Water Flush.
  • When you get up, that is the first thing you should do. In 32 oz. of lukewarm water add 2 tablespoons of sea salt (or Himalayan salt). Stir well, shake it up a little bit and then drink it, it is quite challenging for some people, because it is very salty. Then for the next 2 hours make sure there is a bathroom near you. You will be going to the bathroom more often, it is not nice yes, but you will feel a lot better an your tummy will feel a lot better as well. Your colon can easily open up and ease all of the bowels by putting your feet on a small stool if you have one.

Note: There are many articles about this flush, and they recommend using 2 teaspoons of salt, but it is better to use 2 tablespoons, it is a lot more effective and it will work on everyone. But it would be wise to start with 2 teaspoons, and if it doesn’t work than increase the amount or use tablespoons.

After the salt water flush, you should consume a glass of warm water with a single lemon slice inside it, this will also eliminate many toxins and supply you with huge amount of vitamin C. Also make sure you remove the peel of the lemon if it isn’t organic.

After that you can take a nice warm bath, read something that will inspire you or motivate you. Also be aware of what shower products you are using, because they can also be filled with chemicals and toxins. The best replaces for the commercial shower products are, the apple cider vinegar as a conditioner and the baking soda as a shampoo. The best way to moisturize your skin is to use unrefined coconut oil, and the best face masks can be made from an avocado.

Day 2

If you think that you can take another salt water flush when you get up, than get another one. It will be a lot easier, because there is almost no food in your colon.

Then you can stretch yourself very slightly and gently, go for a walk after that. Breathe the early morning fresh air.

Then you can get another bath, but before you go in, you should dry brush for a while, that way the dead skin cells will be removed and you lymph will be stimulated to eliminate the waste products from it. If you don’t have a brush for that purpose you can use the hair brush, but you need to wrap it in a dry towel.

Day 3

The last day you only need to relax and nothing else!

You will feel less strength, therefore it would be wise not to make any quick movements. You can go on a short walk outside in the sun, get some fresh air or catch up with some friends.

You can consume a tablespoon of coconut oil in order to intake some healthy calories and fats, if you think you need some.

When you end your fasting around 7 pm, you should start with something that is new, something natural and fresh like a green juice. You can eat half an avocado with half of a green apple, all of that sliced in smaller pieces and sprinkled with a little bit of ground pepper and Himalayan salt.

The next few days consume raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Pay a lot of attention to what you eat, and see how your body is reacting to those things you eat. If you are trying new foods that you were sensitive to before, or you thought you were sensitive, should be consumed with your regular foods together (one new food), then wait 72 hours before you try a new one.

The Things You May Experience

Very Pleasant:

  • Gas reduction -- no more burping/farting.
  • No more bloating -- After Day 1, you stomach will be filtered, therefore it will be flatted as well.
  • Improved Skin -- There will be no more pimples or clogged pores.
  • Lifted spirit -- This technique is perfect for your body, also the foods you consume are improving your mood, there are no more processed foods, therefore you will lighten up very much!

Not Very Pleasant:

  • Weakness -- Avoid exercising and sudden or extreme movements.
  • Headache -- If you are a caffeine drinker especially.
  • Fatigue -- Sleep more than 8 hours if possible, and rest more often.
  • Hunger -- Whenever you feel hungry drink water, until day 3!

Why should you do this detoxification method, besides that it will help your digestive system and will give it a short break?

According to many researches, if one fasts for 72 hours, can reboot and regenerate the whole immune system. The method can be quite challenging and hard, but believe us that the benefits which will be provided will outweigh the entire discomfort and unpleasant things.



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