32 Signs That Show You Are In Lack Of Magnesium (How To Get It)

Nobody would have thought that the lack of a single nutrient or mineral can cause that much issues and have that big of an impact on our health in general.

According to many researches, throughout the years the American diet has changed a lot, and constantly more and more diseases were reported and developed. One of the most common health issues today is a lack of some nutrient or mineral, and the most common one is the lack of magnesium. From the whole U.S population only 20% are getting the proper amount of magnesium, and the other 80% are facing the deficiency. And according to the latest researches only 25% of the American population are getting the RDA of magnesium, which is 400 to 420 mg for men and 310 to 320 mg for women.

Looking at the diets that we have today, we can see that we are eating less foods that are rich in magnesium, therefore our natural sources for this mineral are reduced, and we know how important the consumption of this mineral is. This mineral is contained in more than 300 enzymes and it is included in almost every process that is happening in our body, also it is very important for our health because it is preventing from damage that is done by toxins, environmental chemicals and heavy metals. Also this nutrient is highly needed for the digest carbohydrates, for the creation of energy by the active ATP, proteins and fat as well. Also it acts as a precursor for serotonin, it serves as a block for RNA and DNA synthesis, and it is activating our nerves and muscles as well.

Why Is It So Hard to Get Enough Magnesium?

A couple of decades back, it was a lot easier to get the proper amount of magnesium that you should take on daily basis. The food that was consumed back then, contained enough magnesium which supplied our body with how much it required. But today, foods became a lot processed, unnatural and non-organic, therefore they don’t contain magnesium as they should, because the erosion and the modern farming practices which are taking the toll are leaving very small amounts of magnesium inside them.

Also one of the main reasons why people are in lack of magnesium is the unhealthy diets they are on, the are not consuming foods such as nuts, mackerel, seeds, dark leafy greens and beans, and all of these foods are rich sources of magnesium.

32 Signs That You Have a Magnesium Deficiency

  1. Type 2 diabetes
  2. Tremors
  3. Tooth decay
  4. Seizures
  5. Respiratory problems
  6. Raynaud’s syndrome: can cause color changes in the skin pigment because of temperature changes, cold toes or fingers and numbness in the extremities.
  7. Potassium deficiency: can cause fluid retention, irritability and extreme thirst.
  8. Personality changes: depression, and symptoms of anxiety or other mood disorders
  9. Osteoporosis
  10. Nausea
  11. Muscle cramps
  12. Migraines
  13. Memory loss
  14. Kidney and liver disease
  15. Insomnia
  16. Hypoglycemia
  17. Hypertension
  18. Heart issues
  19. High blood pressure
  20. Childbearing/fertility issues: Preeclampsia, getting or staying pregnant and preterm labor.
  21. Fatigue
  22. Dizziness
  23. Difficulty swallowing
  24. Depression
  25. Cystitis
  26. Constipation
  27. Confusion
  28. Calcium deficiency
  29. Bowel disease
  30. Blood clots
  31. Asthma
  32. Anxiety

How to Fix This Problem?

As we said before one of the key factors for our metabolism to function properly is to maintain the magnesium levels in our body, because it is included in every process in our body and it’s contained in more than 300 enzymes. Thus, resulting negatively if you are in lack of magnesium.

The best way to maintain your magnesium levels is to consume more foods that are high in magnesium, like the ones we mentioned above. But even by doing this, you may still be in lack of magnesium and still not the recommended daily dose of it.

Therefore you might want to take some supplementation magnesium products, for example consuming a single magnesium capsule on daily basis is enough. Also you must be aware that some products you consume are doing no good in this situation, such as sugar, preservatives, gluten and wheat.

Most people who were dealing with this problem are recommending Women’s MULTIpro, because they are also stacked with vitamin A, vitamin B1, chromium, zinc, biotin, and iodine as well.



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