5 Energizing Alternatives to Coffee

Who doesn’t love the sound of the steamy mug of the morning coffee, but you surely don’t love it when you become very energetic. We have prepared 5 beautiful, healthy and delicious coffee alternatives, which will help you to be more energize through the whole day, and also provide numerous health benefits.

But we must talk about the coffee first, and let you know about the things you do not, and also tell you that you might need to switch.

The Dark Side of Coffee

The recommended maximum dose of coffee is 3 to 5 cups on daily basis, in which there are more than 400 mg of caffeine contained, and for a normal person drinking coffee in the recommended daily dose can be very beneficial and healthy. But for those people who do not drink coffee at all, or the ones that are drinking a lot more than the recommended daily dose, they are very likely to experience caffeine overdose, or some of the following symptoms:

  • Low Energy: Our body’s adrenal system is stimulated by the caffeine, which gives the ability for our energy levels to elevate for a short period of time, but after that when it passes, you are left fatigued.
  • Weight Gain: The production of the stress hormone cortisol, can be increased only by the increased intake of caffeine, and if our body produces more cortisol than it should, than we would start gaining weight.
  • Disrupted Sleep: Once the caffeine goes inside our body, it doesn’t leave our nerve system for the next 4 to 6 hours, therefore it is able to not let you sleep, even if you feel fatigued, because it is still there.
  • Mineral Deficiency: Too much intake of caffeine, can affect the kidney’s ability to store magnesium, zinc, calcium and many other minerals, and also affect the absorption of iron in our stomach.

Does this scare you? Or the idea of bursting with energy the whole day scares you even more?

Well, there is no need to fear from it. We have listed the top 5 coffee alternatives which are able to help you get the require caffeine in your organism, but also maintain the energy levels too!

5 Healthy Coffee Alternatives

1. Matcha Green Tea Powder

The powder from Matcha green tea, is just the leaf from the tea, but it is crushed first. In order to make this tea, first crush the leaves and make it like powder, make tea out of it which is very rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

This will be a perfect coffee alternative. Two grams of the matcha powder is able to boost your energy, but that is only a 1/5 of what is contained in a cup of coffee. But it is positive because it affects us very slow, it brings its caffeine over the period of 6 to 8 hours, which means it will not leave us right away, with sleepless nights or energy slumps.

Also the matcha is the richest source of the amino acid L-theanine. This amino acid is able to promote the Alpha waves that are sent to our brain, which are helping us to improve the memory and concentration at the same time. Besides all this, there are other miraculous benefits that the matcha is able to provide, including boost weight losing process, support our immunity system, and deliver huge amounts of antioxidants which are able to fight cancer.

In order to provide these health benefits, make sure you have the matcha green tea powder in your home, at all times!

2. Green Vegetable Juices or Green Smoothie

You can drastically elevate your energy levels, by including more greens in your everyday diet, because they are a rich source of antioxidants and many nutrients. If you don’t like tons of plates which are full of broccoli or other salads, than this green vegetable smoothie or juice is just the right thing for you, if you are looking for a way to increase your intake of vegetables.

Simply by adding a half cup of spinach into your morning smoothie, can improve your iron levels in your body, and also prevent from anemia, which is a condition that is common in women and fatigue as well. Taking the green juice on daily basis will also prevent from numerous cardiovascular diseases. According to a study, you can lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) by 9% only by consuming green juice for 6 weeks, 300 ml on daily basis.

In order to prevent from sugars in your smoothie, make sure that 90% of the ingredients are vegetables, not fruits that contain glucose inside them, that way you will not intake any sugar. If you even want to boost the benefits, add a superfood such as spirulina, matcha green tea or barley greens.

3. Water

Did you ever know that fatigue is one of the first signs that appear when your body is dehydrated? If you have a headache, you feel tired or you can’t focus on something, than you are very likely to be dehydrated.

Most people are making the same huge mistake, they only dink water when they feel thirst. But they don’t know that thirst is the last symptom that your body sends before dehydrating, and while dehydrated fatigue is very likely to set. If your body is left dehydrated often, than it is very likely that it will not do its functions properly and it will be exposed to many issues. According to a study, athletes who were almost never left dehydrated, had bigger capacity and endurance in their workouts than the other ones.

If you forget about it, and you don’t know how to consume the 2 liter recommended daily dose, simply take a bottle with you everywhere you go. You can also boost its taste by adding a natural flavor such as cucumber, ginger or watermelon.

4. Protein -- based Smoothie

Protein is an ingredient that is highly needed by your organism, in order to produce energy. According to a recent study, the protein was able to excite our brain’s chemical orexin and simulate its production, which can make us more alert and easier to concentrate.

In order to supply your body with the needed amount of proteins, simply add this protein-based smoothie in your everyday diet. The green vegetable smoothie is rich of minerals and vitamins, but what it really needs is a high protein containment, which is why you will add to it some of the following ingredients nut butter, chia seeds, hemp or you can add some supplement if it is high quality, like  bone broth protein or collagen.

5. Yerba Mate

If you have ever visited Argentina or Brazil, than you know how the South Amricans feel about the Yerba Mate. This amazing herbal beverage is made out of the Yerba Mate leaves, which is a plant and its leaves are picked from it and then dried. Then they are making some kind of a tea from the dry leaves, they just add the leaves in boiling hot water.

The brewed green tea levaes have a very similar taste to the yerba mate tea leaves, and it is believed that this tea is able to boost your energy, but not leave you with no sleep or jitters. One portion of the drink of yerba mate has 3/4 of the caffeine that is in a single cup of coffee, but also it is very rich with nutrients and amino acids.

Final Thoughts on Energizing Alternatives to Coffee

  • Coffee is harmless for you, if you consume it in the recommended doses.
  • You can provide amazing health benefits, by including some of these drinks into your everyday life.
  • You can maintain your energy levels throughout the whole day, by having a protein smoothie or staying hydrated all the time.
  • The matcha green tea powder is a perfect coffee alternative that will provide numerous health benefits and will boost your energy levels as well.

Source: draxe.com


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