5 Exercises to Undo the Spinal Damage Caused by a Lifetime of Sitting

Everybody knows that spending most of the day in a sitting position is not healthy. But some job places require the employees to spend a lot of time in their chair. Therefore, for the money you need, you spend time sitting in the chair as much as it is required, which is why we don’t pay a lot of attention to those things.

Sitting is just as bad as smoking, or maybe even worse, it is a disease! Our modern society made us do things we were never meant to do. We are not physically active, we sit in the same position for a very long time, and all that together triggers chronic diseases, but at the same time it causes a lot of damage to our spine!

Why Sitting All Day Actually Really Matters

Don’t ignore the pain that appears in your back from sitting too much. After a longer period of time, it can affect your ability to exercise, play sports or run, in general it affects you in a very negative way.

But the people who spend a long period of the day in a sitting position are in luck. Because there are some exercise you can do every day, and don’t require a lot of time which can prevent and release from these pain problems. Doing the next 5 exercises on daily basis, will make you relieve from the back pain, it will make you feel loose, and prevent from knee pain. They are quite simple and easy to do, take a look.

5 Exercises to Stay Limber and Avoid Back Pain from Sitting

1. Glute Bridges

Lay down on the floor with your back on it, and bent your knees with your feet on the floor. After that start lifting your hips and butt upwards, and try to form a straight line with your body. Than gently go back in the starting position. Do 10 repetitions like this, and do three sets. If this is too easy for you to handle, try adding some weight just beneath your belly, and do the reps.

2. Couch Stretch

This exercise can be quite tricky, but believe us it is worth the trouble, and it can be done while you are watching television.

Put one leg on the couch so that your knee touches the back of the couch, and the other one on the floor. Then flex your butt and abs and then gently raise the torso upwards just like standing tall. Try holding that position as long as you can (5 minutes maximum) then you can switch and do it with the other leg.

To bring this exercise to a higher level, bring the foot that was on the floor, on the couch and try to stand tall, a completely neutral position. It looks tough and believe us it is tough to do too, but with exercising for a few days you would be able to do it.

3. Grok Squat

This exercise requires you, to keep your feet flat on the floor, go down in a squat position and keeping your back straight, also try to go down with your butt as much as possible. It is also known as the catcher position in baseball. The stretch should be felt in the groin, back and the legs.

4. Leg swings

Surely if you have been to the gym, you have seen someone doing this, and it looks like they’re loosening from the exercising.

This exercise requires holding on to something tight to keep you balanced, then swing your legs back and forth as further as possible. You can do this exercise with your side to side, and back and forth. You can do 20 swings from both kind.

5. Fire Hydrants

This exercise is called hydrant, because while doing it, it looks like a doggy peeing on the fire hydrant, just like in the cartoons.

To do the exercise, go down on the floor in a baby crawling position, and then raise one leg upwards to the side. Then lower it down and do it with the other leg. Doing this with both your legs once, is one rep. This exercise will loosen up your hips and will be a workout for your butt muscles.

But besides all of these exercises, most of the effects will be provided from long walks or running for at least half an hour a day. But if you don’t have the time to go for a walk or jog, do these exercises at home. You can do these exercises for several times in a week, the more you do them the more effects will be provided.

Disclaimer: Please remember that the shared information, is not a
substitute for medical advice from professionals, or any treatment/diagnosis,
it is simply, information. Always try to ask for advice from a
specialist or a health provider. Do not, disregard any medical advice,
or treatment you were given from specialists, because of something
you’ve read here. We repeat, it is nothing close to diagnosis or
treatment, it is information only!

Source: theheartysoul.com


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