5 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

As you read this article your circuTlatory system is experiencing a hard time to keep you alive and keep running. Some say that the experience of the circulatory system is vast and others would say it is lifelong.

The circulatory system is pumping about 5 liters of blood, and it is maintaining the condition of your internal organs and keeps them running, manages pH levels, delivers many nutrients and helps with every body function there is.

Just like an infrastructure of a city, from time to time it needs to be patched up, regulated and it needs a little bit of preventative care.

How can you check a body part that has a purpose to work without letting you notice that it is there and working for you?

First we need to introduce you to the causes of poor circulation. Poor circulation can appear in everybody, no matter how old they are, therefore we need to check our circulation from time to time. Poor circulation simply means that there is less amount of blood transported to your organs or extremities which means they won’t stay strong and fit!

There are some factors that can cause the appearance of poor circulation such as weight gain, eating disorders, pregnancies and smoking, and all of these factors will simply sabotage your blood circulation and cause a lot of other health issues.

If you are not paying attention to your blood circulation, you are very likely to cause a lot of damage to your internal organs, including your brain, limbs, heart and kidneys!

Take a look at the symptoms you should look for.

Top 5 Symptoms to Look Out For

1. Cognitive Performance

In order for your brain to work at its full capacity, requires a lot of blood, to be more precise it takes 20% of the whole blood circulation just for your brain vessels to feed!

Mostly poor blood circulation can cause poor memory, dips in short and long term memory, and poor performances also.

2. Cold Feet and Hands

Your circulatory system should always maintain a healthy blood flow in all of your extremities. This results in a positive and comfortable body temperature at all times.

Poor blood circulation is the thing that makes you unable to warm yourself, and mostly causes cold feet and cold hands. So if you are constantly experiencing these symptoms, than you have a health issue which shouldn’t be left untreated!

3. Fatigue

Through the blood the most necessary things are carried to our organs and limbs. And if the amounts of fuel for these organs and limbs, the levels of nutrients and oxygen are reduced, than they would sacrifice themselves in order to keep on functioning.

If you are constantly experiencing breath shortness and sore muscles, than you are definitely suffering from poor blood circulation, which means you need to go to the doctor.

4. Lack of Appetite

In order for your liver to maintain your immune system, store all of the consumed nutrient in your body, and maintain you metabolism as well, it requires a certain amount of blood. These functions are starting to suffer when there is not enough blood delivered to the liver.

If you notice unexplained weight loss, rapidly losing appetite, getting full of smaller meals, then you are having a poor blood circulation which shouldn’t be left untreated.

5. Varicose Veins

The pressure and the improper blood flow are not the thing that your arteries are loving or the thing they need. With the lack of blood in your veins, they become twisted and they are swelling just under your skin.

Poor blood symptom is most likely to cause the appearance of the varicose veins, which are mostly formed on the ankles or somewhere near the feet.

Anyway, even if you are experiencing a poor blood circulation, it isn’t something that you should panic about, because there are many ways to treat this health issue!



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