7 Foods That Put You to Sleep Instantly

Are you having difficulties with falling asleep, or you keep waking up through the night? Not getting enough sleep can be very critical for your health. Many health issues like high levels of stress, cardiovascular ailments, obesity , hypertension, type 2-diabetes and many others may cause some serious problems with sleeping.

60% of the U.S citizens are experiencing difficulties with falling asleep or waking up during the night. One of the most important things for your health in general  are regular physical activity, adequate sleep and a balanced diet. Before you take some prescribed medications from your doctor, or take some pills free handed, try making a change in your diet. This is why we want to show you a list of some foods that can improve your situation with, see these 7 foods and solve your problems.


Salmon is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fat acids, these acids are very beneficial and able to balance your stress levels and also relax your body. Also the salmon is very high in vitamin B6, which is actually stimulating the producing of melatonin -- the sleep hormone. This hormone is the one that helps you feel full while you sleep and makes you wake up full of energy. According to a recent study, people who consume salmon more often have higher levels of vitamin D than the ones that do not, they rest faster than others, their sleep quality is a lot better and they have higher levels of sleep time.


Try taking a banana just before going to bed, but if you are suffering from diabetes take half a banana. The banana is able to lower your sugar content, also it is very rich with potassium which will avoid night cramps. Also huge amounts of magnesium are contained in the bananas which will improve your sleep and help your muscles to relax. Due to the richness in tryptophan, if you consume one regular sized banana just before going to sleep, it will prevent from insomnia as well.


If you are dealing with calcium deficiency you will surely start dealing with sleeping difficulties as well. To avoid this you want to start consuming yogurt and milk on daily basis, because they are very rich with calcium. Try adding some green leafy vegetables that are rich with calcium too.

Herbal tea

The herbal tea is famous for its ability to improve your sleep. But not every herbal teas will be to improve your situation with falling asleep. One of the best herbal teas you can consume on daily basis to improve your sleep is the Chamomile tea, it contains a lot of properties that are able to provide some soothing effects. It is able to deal with sleeping disorders because it is very rich with flavonoid apigenin, which is the compound that is causing the soothing effects. Valerian, lavender and mint teas, are also very good for body relaxation. Be very aware that you shouldn’t consume black or green tea before you go to bed, since they contain a lot of caffeine which will keep you awake through the night.


Before going to bed try taking a small cup of cocoa it will provide amazing effects. Besides that it is one of the most famous natural sedatives, the chocolate is very high in magnesium which actually will improve your sleep very much. The unsweetened cocoa powder is also containing huge amounts of tryptophan, which we mentioned above in the article and discussed its abilities.

Whole Grains

Whole grains such as bulgur and barley contain huge amounts of magnesium in them. Many people are not including foods that are rich with magnesium in their diets, and as a result they are dealing with magnesium deficiency which is affecting their sleep more than they think.


To prevent from sleeping disorders, cherries can be very beneficial and helpful. Drinking a fresh juice from cherries (250 ml) on daily basis will increase the production of melatonin -- the sleeping hormone in your organism. Which improves your sleeping cycle very much. This hormone is also improving and regulating the circadian rhythm (wake-sleep cycle). It is equally beneficial if you are consuming dried or fresh cherries, before your main meal.

Source: organicplanner.com


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