7 Foods That Take Delicate Care Of Your Liver

The liver is among the largest body organs, which is processing many nutrients and it helps the body to get rid of the waste materials and toxins. This organ has the most important role in our body, because it is turning the toxins into material that is not harmful to us.

To improve the health of your liver, you’ll want to detox it from time to time, which will help in its function and will improve its health in general.

The liver stays in the upper part of our abdomen, right below the diaphragm. Therefore, the blood flow from other digestive organs is going directly into it, whether its medications, toxins or nutrients. And then through the gallbladder the blood flows and the bile.

Also the liver is included in the process of metabolizing fats that were consumed in our body. The bile cells that are created by the liver, are taken to the main bile duct, after that it is transported in the small intestine, where the fats are broken down or absorbed.

By storing the sugar in our blood as glycogen, the liver has the ability to maintain and control the levels of blood sugar in our organism. So you can see for yourself that this vital organ plays a huge role in our body, as it absorbs the nutrients we intake and helps with our digestion.

So, being one of the most important organs in our body, it is wise to keep it in top form, and you can do that by consuming some of the foods on the list below, that way you will cleanse it and help in its function.


You surely have heard of the most important active compound of turmeric, it is the curcumin, which has a lot of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it stops the process of transforming alcohol and toxins into chemicals that are harmful for the liver, chemical that can cause a lot of damage to the liver. It boosts the bile flow and it cleanses the liver.


One of the most powerful natural antibiotics we know, the garlic contains huge amounts of selenium, arginine, vitamin C and B6.

Arginine is an amino acid which helps in the regulation of the blood pressure, it relaxes our blood vessels, the selenium helps the antioxidants and boosts them. Vitamin B6 has anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin C protects the liver from cellular oxidation.

Matcha Green Tea

This tea is supporting the detoxification process of our liver, an has a lot of anti-cancer properties.

In people that are in lack of proteins that help in the process of detoxification, and the creation of the detoxification enzymes, it will surely boost both processes due to its compounds.

The production of enzymes is supported by the catechins, but in equal amount of 8 to 16 cups of this tea, which seem to be members by 80% of the glutathione S-transferase (GST).

That means the cancerous toxins can be reduced, by the consumption of this tea on daily basis.


This tropical fruit which is very high in vitamin C, can help in case of cellular oxidation and can prevent from it, and it contains a lot of glutathione which helps with the production of detoxification enzymes. In a medium sized grapefruit, 70mg  of glutathione are contained, it helps in the production of the important proteins and chemicals, and it is helping in the tissue repairing process.

Cruciferous Vegetables

These vegetables are protecting the liver from every damage, due to the free radicals and they are supporting the process of production detox enzymes. So it would be wise to increase the dose you take of broccoli, spinach, cabbage, brussels sprouts and cauliflower.


The beets can boost the liver’s production of superoxide simutase and glutathione, these are the main two compounds, that help in the function of the liver’s detox process and protect it from a lot of chemicals like carcinogens, that can cause a lot of damage to the liver.

The Betalains, which is an antioxidant contained in the beets, provides amazing anti-cancer effects, and the beet juice is able to prevent from lung cancer and skin cancer.


Glutathione is one of the main ingredients or the supporting of the process of production detox enzymes, and it is contained in huge amounts in the Avocado. Also vitamins E and C are contained in the avocado which are acting as antioxidants and they prevent from any free radical damage. Also the liver is protected from the vitamin K and E, due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Bonus detoxification food: Walnuts

Walnuts contain and are high in glutathione, arginine, antioxidants and a lot of omega-3 fat acids, so in case you want to neutralize free radical damage, or preventing from the buildups of fat in the liver, this is what you want to eat. Also walnuts create stronger cell membranes around the cells from the liver.

Disclaimer: Please remember that the shared information, is not a
substitute for medical advice from professionals, or any treatment/diagnosis,
it is simply, information. Always try to ask for advice from a
specialist or a health provider. Do not, disregard any medical advice,
or treatment you were given from specialists, because of something
you’ve read here. We repeat, it is nothing close to diagnosis or
treatment, it is information only!

Source: healthy-life-box.com
Featured image source: healthy-life-box.com


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