8 Exercises to Tighten Your Butt and Legs (One-Week Plan)

One of the best butt exercises that can be preformed are the squats, but if you want to see results quicker, you should change some things in the workout routine by adding some exercises to lift your backside from more angles.

This is why we give you the best 8 exercises to tighten your butt and legs, each one of these exercises should be preformed for 15 to 20 reps, in 3 or 4 sets, depending on your endurance. These exercises will help you activate all muscles in that area, which will tighten and strengthen the buttock, also it will give you an attractive backside.

Split Squat

Place a chair for 2-3 feet away from you, reach with one of your legs and place it back on the chair, or you can simply do it in the park on a bench.

This will put all of your weight on one leg, when you are in this position start to go down into a lunge position. Press through your front heel to go straight back up in the standing position, then you can switch the legs once you have done the reps.

Side Lunge

Grab dumbbells in your hands, and stand straight with your feet together. Then diagonally step out with one foot towards outside, step as further as you can, and try to keep the other leg straight.

Also press through your heel, go back in the standing position, and return the right leg in the starter position. Once you have done the reps, switch legs.

Resistance Band Glute Kick Back

Go down on the floor in a baby crawl position, while holding your resistance band in your hands. Place the resistance band under your arch of your foot, then push backwards like you want to kick, and try to stretch your leg to be parallel to the floor. Do the reps and then switch legs.

Single Leg Deadlift

Stand up with your feet together, grab some dumbbells in your hands. Then shift all of the weight on one of your feet, and with a straight back reach towards the floor while keeping your leg, hips and back parallel to the floor.

Reach down as further as possible, press through your heel and go back in the starting position, when you do the required number of reps, switch legs and do the same.

Single Leg Glute Bridge

Lie down on the floor with your back straight, also your feet should be placed flat on the floor and on a hip-distance apart. Put one of the legs straight up and try to push with the other leg to reach to the ceiling, with your hips lift your butt. Lower the hips back on the floor and go back up. When you are done, switch legs and do another set.

Step Ups

Start 1 or 2 feet away from a chair, place one foot on the chair and the other one on the ground. Press through your heel with the leg on the chair, and step up on the chair with both legs straight. Then go back on the floor with the foot you was before. When you are done with the reps, switch legs.

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

Put a yoga pad on the ground and lay flat on it, and  you’ll need a stability ball to place your feet on it. Once you are in that position lift your hips into a plank position and dig with your heals in the ball, roll it with your feet towards you and lift your hips upwards. Align your feet, knees and shoulders together.

Resistance Band Hydrants

Put an exercising band around your legs, right above your knees, and go in a baby crawl position on the floor. Then balance your body weight on one side and lift the other knee towards the outside diagonally, then go back in the same position. Once you have done the reps, switch legs and do the same.

Sources: paleohacks.com
Featured image source: healthy-life-box.com


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