9 Alkaline Foods That Will Help Clean and Remove All Acids From Your Body

To keep your body in a good health condition, the alkaline and acidic foods are necessary in order to maintain a balance in the body acids. But there are some beverages or foods that can easily imbalance these avid levels, which may cause a lot of issues in our body.

The imbalance of the acid levels is mostly followed by accumulation of toxins in our vital organs, weakening of our immune system and inflammation. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the balance, by consuming alkaline and acid foods, because they are the ones that will eliminate toxic waste, or purify the organism, or they will be the ones to increase the acid levels if needed, all of this just to make the organism function properly.

9 Alkaline and Acid Foods

If you care for your body and your well-being, take a look at these 9 alkaline and acidic foods listed below, because these are the right ones that should be consumed in order to maintain your overall health.

1. Cucumbers, they have the ability to dissolve excess water, they hydrate our body,  therefore they are the ones that are washing away the toxins from our body and the acids that are stored, which are harmful. They have this ability because they are natural diuretics. The treatment of the excess uric acid is best with the juice from the cucumber.

2. Almonds, just like any other sort of nuts they could be found almost everywhere, and they have contained huge amounts of various nutrients and many essential fat acids. It is one of the most famous alkaline foods, it is good for your hair, brain health, skin, lowering cholesterol, increasing muscle mass, help you with losing weight and many other things.

3. Plum Tomatoes, the richest source for vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A, also they are one of the most used natural products to prevent from calories build up, skin disorders, while at the same time they have the ability to cleanse our bladder, even from cancer, and clean our urinary tract from any kind of infection. They are capable of all these things, just because they contain a lot of water.

4. Cabbage, is stored with a lot of nutrients that are needed by our body, including forage and magnesium, which are the ones that maintain the immunity, digestive system and alkalinity to balance the cellular levels. Because is is very high in fiber, it is used to prevent from some types of cancer, which means it is also able to keep the calorie levels low.

5. Files, they belong in the citrus family, just as much as they belong in the alkaline, they are also very rich with vitamin C, which makes them able to cleanse the urinary tract from bacteria, excess acids and toxins. When uric acid is accumulated in our body, we start to experience inflammation and pain, which can sometimes be followed with affection on our overall health, because the high containment of acid is able to affect almost every vital organ in our body.

6. Grapefruit, it is also a part of the citrus family, not only that it is rich with nutrients that are stimulating our metabolism, it is also helpful for maintaining a balance in the body weight, and also get rid of the fat that is unnecessarily attached to our body. Because it is an alkaline food, it means it has low levels of sugar, besides that has an acidic taste, it is increasing the alkaline levels, because of the richness in vitamin C which is stimulating the immune system.

7. Basil, it is wearing the title “king of the herbs”, and it accomplished this title because of its richness in nutrients that are needed by our body. It is native to Italy, and it is high in omega-3 fat acids, vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, iron and many more. These nutrients that are contained, are all very good for decreasing the acid levels, that way the body can detoxify, and it is often used to prevent from kidney stones that are formed inside the kidneys.

8. Lemons, if you are looking for way to cleanse the digestive system, you have the right choice. They are good for balancing the acid levels as well. They are widely used all across the world, and known as one of the most powerful natural remedies of all time, they are even known that hey promote weight losing as well. They are high in citric acid, but it is beneficial because it is a close ally to alkaline, to be more precise it is beneficial because it lowers the sugar levels in our body.

9. Cantaloupes, they are from the melon family, which means they are rich with beta-carotene, water, vitamin B and phytochemicals. Which are all giving our body the ability to eliminate acids and toxins. It is also stimulating the process of production of white blood cells, in order to maintain the alkaline levels in our body and toxic substances.

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