A Scientific Study Proves That Exercise Isn’t As important As Drinking Wine When It Comes To Living Past 90 Years Of Age!

The best to have is a long, happy and healthy life, to simply see your children and their children grow, it is simply priceless. But not everybody is enough to experience those things.

How Can Wine Help You Live Longer?

Over the years, countless medical breakthroughs were found, some miraculous things that magically take care of our overall health and keep us healthy.

There was a study which was done on a group of people who were older than 90 years, and the experts were shocked at the end of the study because of the conclusions they found.

The study’s goal was:

  • To examine the rates of cognitive and functional decline in elderly people
  • To determine those factors that are bonded to the longevity
  • To examine certain pathological correlations
  • To determine the risk which is modifiable for dementia, and for mortality also
  • To study the epidemic of dementia on elderly patients

The participants of the study were visited 2 times in the year by the researchers and they were put on some neurophysiological and neurological tests.

Drink From the Glass or the Bottle?

Drinking wine from time to time or more often is quite a good thing, because it can improve our overall health, but this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to drink the whole bottle.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people who are under the age of 65 should consume 2 glasses of wine, and people who are over the age of 65 should consume only one glass. It is considered that one and a half ounces of distilled spirits are contained in a single drink, and 12 ounces of fluid of beer are equal to 5 ounces of wine.

These are the benefits of consuming alcohol moderately:

  • Lower the risk of a heart disease
  • Lower the risk of ischemic stroke
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes

There is also another study done in order to see the bond between the negative effects of alcohol and the physical activity. Dr. Emmanuel Stamatakis is the senior author of this study and the information he gathered was mostly from England and Scotland. In the study were included more than 36 thousand participants, and they were divided in 3 different groups.

One of the groups was with people who were not exercising at all, another one was with people who were exercising moderately and the last one was filled with people ho were exercising regularly. Also in the study was examined the alcohol consumption of each participant.

The participants were studied for about 10 years. At the end of the study were reported more than 5,500 deaths, and the researchers concluded that the death of these participants and the health conditions they were dealing with were deeply bonded with the hazardous consumption of alcohol. They also found out that the risk was constantly elevating, as they were consuming more drinks in a single week.

And the group that exercised regularly had decreased risk of developing cancer, because the alcohol they consumed was then quickly eliminated from their bodies as they exercised.

Source: globalremedyhouse.com


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