The Cannabis Capsule Chat Is So Powerful It Could Replace Painkillers

Today in USA legalizing marijuana is one of the most debated topics. Many believe that marijuana is capable of numerous health benefits, and they seem to be just right. In the last few years in the USA it has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

For those who don’t believe in its capability, this may change your point of view. A study has shown that the new cannabis capsule can completely replace painkillers, without any side effects.

High on Pain Relief

A vaginal suppository has been invented by the Foria Relief Company. This can relief from menstrual cramp pain. It is aromatized with cocoa butter, they say it can be a very effective substitute for ibuprofen, midol and vicodin.

This capsule should be inserted into the vagina, therefore it will relax the muscles, that can cause a lot of pain during the menstrual period. This capsule contains natural products, 10 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and 60 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is a very popular painkiller, and CBD will keep you relaxed. Combining these two ingredients will keep you relaxed, stop inflammation and inhibit spasms. And the positive thing is that they won’t get you high because they don’t have any psychoactive properties.

So What Next?

For now this treatment is not approved by the FDA everywhere, only in California. Before you decide anything don’t take these medications, first consult your doctor. A lot of testing is still in the process so it is hard to know the consequences of long term uses.

The most positive thing about this is that all painkillers can be replaced with these capsules, so painkillers will not be abused anymore. More than 4 million Americans are using painkillers and 7% of them are getting addicted to them. But if they replace painkillers with cannabis capsules, none of these people will become addicted to them, because it doesn’t have addictive properties.

Through the everyday testing of cannabis, the positives are getting revealed more and more everyday. An overnight change won’t happen but the researches are in process, and hopefully we will replace the painkillers in time.

Anyway, try out this new natural wearable acupressure from aculief. It can give you drug-free pain relief.

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