These Are the Disgusting Reasons You Should Never Wear Shoes at Home

Did your parents warned you to take off your shoes before coming inside, or you were allowed to wear them inside? Some experts took a closer look at the habit of wearing shoes inside, and you need to see the results for yourself below.

Imagine yourself walking down the street, while enjoying the sun and the cold breeze while accumulating vitamin D. There is a lot of bacteria, leaves and soil on the road and your shoes are in direct contact with it. And here is what exactly is latching on your shoes.

As we said, there is a lot of bacteria and your shoes are in direct contact with it, there is  a lot of sources of E. Coli, such as dog waste, public bathroom floors and bird droppings. Also there is a lot of bacteria contained in the debris and leaves on the ground, which is not visible for the human eye. There are more than 421,000 types of bacteria on your shoes, and you are transferring from 90 to 99% of it when you set foot inside your home. You don’t even have to do any math, you just need to know that there is a lot of bacteria transferred into your home when you are walking with shoes inside.

Coli and It’s Harmful Effects

Figuring out only one of those bacteria -- the E. Coli which is a bacterium that is living inside your intestines. It is able to cause the development of urinary tract infections, intestinal problems, and diarrhea. This bacteria’s symptoms are diarrhea (which might also be bloody), constant fatigue, nausea and cramps. This bacteria is affecting you when it is swallowed even in the smallest amounts!

Probably now you are thinking that there are other types of bacteria on your shoes and the risk of getting E. Coli consumed is very small, and the situation cannot get any worse than this. Well it is not like that, we hate to disappoint you but it can get worse and it will.

Clostridium Difficile Can Be Life Threatening

According to the latest study from Houston, Texas it was concluded that your shoes carry a bacterium that is very strong, known as C difficile (clostridium difficile), which is inflaming our colon and can sometimes be life-threatening. At first it was considered that this bacterium can only affect us from healthcare settings, but that is not the truth anymore. When samples from the bacterium were taken, about 2500, it was concluded that only 450 of them were coming from a hospital.

The rest of the samples showed that they were coming from shoes that were walked in parks, fast food restaurants, chain stores and commercial stores as well. And it was concluded that people can get affected by this bacteria from walking inside their home with shoes. According to the research about 25% of the people’s shies were carrying this bacteria.

Signs and Symptoms of C. Difficile 

Latest researches have shown that more than half a million U.S citizens get sick from this bacterium, and the numbers of people who were sick from it was elevated from the past few years. And as the years go by the infection becomes more difficult to treat, also the people who get affected by it mostly get dehydrated, rapid heart rate, swollen abdomen pus or blood in their stool and many other symptoms.

If you are experiencing watering stools and some of the symptoms we mentioned above, for more than two days then you need to visit your doctor immediately.

Simple Solution to Avoid Carrying Bacteria Into Your Home

You can easily avoid and protect yourself from this bacteria by taking your shoes off before you go inside your home. Also you shouldn’t wipe your shoes from a mat and go inside, because it doesn’t mean they are disinfected if you wipe them, they just get cleaned from the visible dirt. That will only attach more bacteria to your shoes or add more dirt to your mat, or you will pick up more dirt to carry on your shoes.

If you have a habit to wear your shoes inside your home, than you need to stop doing it right away. You will protect yourself and your family from many types of bacteria, which you weren’t even aware that you were carrying inside when to step foot, that way you will live in a sanitary place which is bacteria-free!



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