Each Tooth Is Associated With An Organ In The Body – Pain In Each Tooth Can Predict Problems In Certain Organs!

Every internal issue is connected with the tiniest problem with your teeth. It is unbelievable and sci-fi sounding but every state of your internal organs is connected with the state of the teeth. If you are interested in these informations just continue reading to study this in depth a little bit.

Did you know that the ears, the kidneys and the bladder are all associated with the incisors? The liver and gallbladder’s state are linked to the wellness of canine teeth. Experts say that the state of the lung and color is reflected by the premolars, and the state of the stomach is reflected by the molars, also the state of pancreas, spleen. Wisdom teeth are linked to the heart and intestine.

But, you can’t relate all internal damage to the damage of the teeth. Sometimes you can feel pain in the areas where your tooth has been removed for a long time, while sometimes you can feel a slight lash of pain and discomfort in areas that you have healthy teeth.

In such situations this pain is named phantom pain and this results from the signals that are sent to to the related tooth by the internal organ. If you have studied these things you will be able to cure your diseased internal organ very easy.

Check out the list below and see if you can make or draw any correlations:

  • Having pain in the incisors is linked to pyelonephritis,cystitis, and otitis.
  • Prostatitis and tonisillis are announced by pain in the first incisor.
  • Hepatitis and cholecytitis may be connected with the pain in canine teeth.
  • Pain in the premolar teeth is caused by colitis, pneumonia, dysbactriosis and allergic reaction.
  • Experiencing chronic pain in the fourth teeth you may have problems with a knee, elbow or shoulder pain, or you may have inflammatory-related diseases such arthritis.
  • Chronic pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, duodendal,anemia,ulcer and chronic gastritis may be causing pain in the molars.
  • Vein-related problems or arteries, and atherosclerosis may link to pain in the sixth lower teeth.
  • Pharynx diseases, spleen and inflammation of the ovaries can cause a lot of pain in the upper sixth tooth.
  • If you are suffering from pain in the lower molars you may also have problems with polyps in the colon, varicose veins and pneumonia.
  • You should be quite worried about wisdom tooth pain, because this pain is related with coronary heart and cardiac diseases, also with conogenital defects.

Source: besthealthyguide.com


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