How To Eat Papaya Seeds In order to Detoxify Your Liver, Kidneys As Well As Heal Your Digestive System!

The papaya fruit was portrayed as the “fruit of angels” by Christopher Columbus, and it is not a surprise when we feel the sensitive, sweet taste of this fruit, and feel its soft thickness.

In the papaya fruit are contained many nutrients and healthy ingredients, and it has one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which give it the ability to prevent from many diseases, and it is perfect for the treatment of issues such as indigestion, and injuries, or blood glucose levels, heart diseases and even cancer!

Also you need to be aware that when you consume the fruit, you must not throw the seeds away, because they are the most beneficial part of it.

The seeds from the papaya can be consumed raw, smashed, ground, combined with milk and honey, or put in salad dressings as well. This way you will be able to get the most benefits out of them.

Enhance Digestive Wellness

The papaya fruit is perfect for your digestive system, it contains powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which give it the ability to treat many digestive issues, and cleanse our intestinal tract from harmful microorganisms as well.

Actually this fruit is offering strong anti-pathogenic properties as well, therefore it would be wise to consume one tablespoon of its seeds in order to treat some food poisoning, or eliminate harmful bacteria from your digestive system as well.

Detox Your Liver

The Chinese Conventional Medicine used its seed very commonly, since they have the ability to enhance our liver’s function and detox our body at the same time. In order to get rid of harmful toxin stack ups in your liver, all you need to do is consume a single teaspoon of the papaya seeds on daily basis. Also according to some researches, these seeds can be beneficial in case of cirrhosis as well!

If you are dealing with cirrhosis, you need to consume 5 seeds, 2 times on daily basis, for one month straight!

You can consume the seeds raw, grind them, or crush them in a pestle or a mortar if the seeds are fresh. Then you can add the crushed seeds into a glass of refreshing lemon or lime juice. You need to consume this 2 times on daily basis for one month as well.

Stop Cancer

Due to the seed’s powerful phenolic flavonoids and substances, which are working same as natural antioxidants, they have the ability to reduce the risk of developing tumor. The seeds can prevent from chest, prostatic, breast and intestinal tract cancer, due to the one phytonutrient, called isothiocyanate.

Reduce Blood Pressure

According to many laboratory studies, scientists have proven that the seeds of this fruit can improve our cardiovascular health. The carpaine that is contained inside this fruit, has the ability to reduce diastolic, systolic and arterial high blood pressure as well.

Detox Your Kidneys

You can detox your kidneys with the consumption of these seeds, and you can protect yourself and your kidneys from any toxic induced infection because the fruit contains powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Contraceptive

These foods were actually used very commonly in the Indian tradition, and they were an organic way to control birth. They believed that if a woman wanted to get pregnant, shouldn’t consume the seeds of this fruit at all.

According to a few studies, the creation of semen can be decreased by the consumption of these seeds for a few days.



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