Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods For Curing In 5 Minutes!

For many centuries the Japanese people have been using some alternative healing techniques who actually are very helpful and effective, and today we will show you some of them, the techniques require no more than 5 minutes.

An ancient healing art that the Japanese called, Jin shin Jitsu has the ability to restore your emotional balance, only by stimulating some points on your palm, mostly on your fingers.

This technique is built on the belief that every 2 organs in our body are deeply bonded to one of our fingers on our palms, and your emotional and physical health can be improved by stimulating these certain points on the fingers.

This treatment requires only 5 minutes of your time, and it really has the ability to provide amazing effects and improve your health in general, and here is how this treatment actually work:

If you have problems with some organs, you just need to know the finger that is bonded do that organ, and just hold the finger with your other hand very tight for 3 to 5 minutes. Try to breathe deeply while holding your finger tight, and when you finish massage both hand’s fingers for about 3 minutes.

All the organs that are linked to our fingers:

Thumb: This finger is linked to our stomach and spleenwort.

Common symptoms: Headaches, nervousness, stomach pain, skin issues.

Emotions: anxiety and depression.

Index finger: This one is connected with our urinary bladder and kidneys.

Common symptoms: Digestion issues, back pain, muscle pain and toothache.

Emotions: disappointment, confusion and fear.

Middle finger: Is directly bonded to our yolky bitter and liver.

Common symptoms: Frontal headaches, menstrual pain, circulation problems, migraine and tiredness.

Emotions: irritability, indetermination, and anger.

Ring finger: Directly connected to our large intestine and lungs.

Common symptoms: Skin diseases, respiratory problems, asthma and digestion issues.

Emotions: negativity, fear and sadness.

Pinkie: Linked to our small intestine and heart.

Common symptoms: Throat pain, heart disease, bone issues.

Emotions: absence of self-confidence, nervousness and worry.

Try this amazing 5 minute technique right away, when you experience something unusual or you face a problem with some of your internal organs, you will surely be surprised by the effects!

Source: healthylifeidea.com


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