Fake Honey is Literally Everywhere – Here’s How to Know The Difference

There are countless health benefits of the natural, raw and organic honey. It contains strong antibacterial, decongestant and antimicrobial properties, and it has the ability to fight against numerous diseases and ailments.

But not every type of honey has the same abilities, therefore you should choose wisely and pay attention to the product you are buying, to be organic and all natural. Here are a few ways to spot the fake honey brands in the super market, therefore you will be able to avoid them:

1. Crystallization

The fake honey will not crystallize as the time passes and it will keep its liquid form, while on the other hand the natural one will crystallize, the fake honey will keep the syrup-like composition.

2. Read The Label Carefully

Before you buy any brand of honey that is on the market, read the label on the back, you can try and find any additives in it, because in some brands there is a certain amount of them added to the honey.

3. Caramelization

Put a few tablespoons of the honey in a small cup, and heat it in the microwave, if the honey is real it will caramelize. But if the honey starts to bubble and release foam it surely adulterated honey.

4. Honey and Water

Once the honey is put in a glass of water and starts to melt, be sure that the honey is fake, because the real honey will dissolve in the water, after the water cools down, and on the bottom of the glass there will be clumps formed.

5. Paper

You can find out if a honey is adulterated, with only adding a few drops on a dry piece of paper, and if it is absorbed by the paper, it is fake. The paper will not absorb real honey that is all natural.

6. Bread and Honey

You can add a tablespoon of honey on a slice of bread, and if the bread hardens, the honey is real. The bread will become damp if the added honey is fake.

Source: theheartysoul.com


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