Follow This One-Week Diet Plan to Lose 15 Lbs Naturally at Home

At this very moment, thousands and thousands of people are looking for countless different ways to lose some extra pounds, looking for some quicker tricks and tips. But very few have the chance to find those tricks, so in this article we will show you this simple, natural and short term diet. The rules here are simple, stick to the menu of the diet for a week, and it will surely encourage and boost the process of burning fat.

Some Diet Rules

Never skip your breakfast.

Avoid excessive intake of caffeine, processed foods and soft drinks because they contain huge amounts of sugar.

Don’t eat after 8 p.m.

Before you start this one week diet, weigh yourself, that way you will be able to see how much wight you’ve lost with this diet.

The Diet’s Health Benefits

This diet contains a lot of water, vegetables and fruits. Therefore allowing you to lose the extra pounds naturally, it improves your bowel movements as well.

The One -- Week Diet:

Day One -- Fruit Day

During the first day, you should only consume fruits. For breakfast, lunch and dinner as well, any fruit you want except the bananas. You can go for pineapples, apples, papayas, oranges, etc.

Day Two -- Vegetable Day

During the second day, you should only consume vegetables. For breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. For breakfast you can have cooked potatoes, that way you will boost the process of breaking down carbs throughout the day. Include veggies that contain a lot of fiber, like beans and broccoli. Include them in your soups, salads or steamed.

Day Three -- Vegetable & Fruit Day

During the third day, make a combo of both of these foods that you consumed during the first and second day. But this time avoid the potatoes and the bananas of course.

Day Four -- Banana & Milk Day

During this day you can only consume bananas and milk. The maximum amount of bananas you can eat is 10, and the maximum amount of milk you can drink is 3 glasses.

Day Five -- Feast Day

On the fifth day you should consume lean meat. Like fish or chicken fillets, and you can have maximum 8 tomatoes. Drink plenty of water, 12-15 glasses, that way you will support the process of eliminating the uric acid from your body, because as you consume meat, the uric acid is produced intensively.

Day Six -- Vegetables & Meat

Eat as much as vegetables as you want, and for the main meal for lunch you can have some red meat cooked well.

Day Seven -- Vegetables & Rice

The last day of the diet, for lunch you can have some veggies of your choosing as much as you like to eat, and some red meat cooked well.



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