This is What Happens to Your Heart When You Drink Energy Drinks On a Daily Basis

Our mind and our body can benefit from caffeine very much, we can get a headache relief, improved mental alertness and it can even treat asthma and diabetes!

But, however in some cases it can be a toxin, if it comes in combination with sweeteners, artificial stimulants and additives that are harmful for our heart health and can cause a heart attack or a stroke.

A 33 year old father from Brooklyn, named Cory Terry, lost his life due to a constant consumption of a famous brand of energy drink “Red Bull”.

Patricia Terry, who is a mother of the victim reported that he was an active person and didn’t smoke. She said he drank Red Bull all the time:

“He was with that Red Bull Can, all the time. He always said that it perked him up.”

According to a study which was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, every drink similar to Red Bull, was causing huge issues and diseases, especially in people who were dealing with cardiovascular diseases, but also these drinks are harmful for people who are in a great health condition as well.

There was a recent study in which 15 people participated. They were given 500 ml (2 cans) of energy drink, which was containing the same ingredients as the Red Bull, and they took it for one week.

After one week, it was concluded that all of the participant’s blood pressures were elevated by 8% only 4 hours after they had the drink, and it was elevated by 10% by the end of that week.

The heart rate’s of the participants were elevated by 8% after the first day, and they were elevated 11% after that week.

Both factors are highly related to increased risk of a heart attack, also the elevated blood pressure is damaging our arteries, which can then lead to a heart attack or a stroke, and can cause blood clots, and the higher heart rates have also been related to increased risk of a heart attack.

Have you ever heard of the ingredients that are contained in Red Bull? Well this drink contains caffeine, taurine stimulants, carbonation and a lot of sugar, and certain B-group vitamins.

There are very few researches that have shown the harmfulness of the combination of these ingredients on our overall health, but there are many studies that proved that these ingredients are harmful on their own, so imagine what happens when we combine them!

There was a study in which were 13 participants, who had to go through one of the toughest endurance training routines. They had to go through the routine 3 times a day. Before going for the workout, they received a Red Bull, well it was like Red Bull, but with no taurine, or a placebo with no stimulants in it.

After the study it was concluded that the only energy drink which affected the amount of blood which was pumped in an out of their hearts, and their stroke volume, was the Red Bull energy drink!

However, even though that it is not harmful at all, once those ingredients are taken out of it, this combination of chemicals is damaging our overall health for sure, and mostly our heart health.

If you are looking for a quick way to boost your energy or something to wake you up,have cup of coffee, or if you are not a coffee lover, simply find a fresh juice or smoothie energy booster!



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