This is How Headaches Reveal What is Wrong With Your Health (And How To Cure It Naturally)

One of the most common issues that we have today, are headaches which can be caused from different reasons. So if you want to relieve from the headache, first you must find out what was the cause for it.

Headaches can be caused from very serious issues, but also they might be a symptom or be caused of a fatigue or from dehydration, which is something not to worry about.

They can occur in any part or area of our head, also they are able to occur not only in one, but also in multiple areas at the same time. There are primary and secondary headaches. Primary ones are directly triggered, and the secondary ones are due to a disease triggering the nerves in our brain to cause pain.

A doctor name, Sakib Qureshi MD, who is one of the most famous neurologists, have said that, red light signals may be sent to us, from what was the headache caused. So if you want to know why and how it was caused, first you need to study the symptoms and the signals which can cause a lot of other problems.

Treating headaches with painkillers, can prevent from the pain for a short period, no long-term relief can be provided, and a lot of side-effects can be caused from them.

Tension Headache

The most common type of headache is the Tension type, mostly it is caused from a lot of stress, which is contracting the muscles on our neck and our scalp, and that causes the pain in our head.

This type of headache, is causing pain in the back of the neck and our head, and at the temples. From this type of headache, you are very likely to experience pain which is radiating, below or above our eyes, which can cause and lead to nausea and vomiting.

Treatment: To relieve the tension headache, try to mix ginger tea with peppermint oil. Add some of the peppermint to your hairline, this will soothe the pain and will relax the neck muscles, and the ginger tea will relieve you from the inflammation.

Cluster Headache

Mostly women are a target of this type of headache, which is felt only above one eye, and most commonly it occurs in a group or a cycle. This type of headache, causes instant pain which is very intense, and it causes a rainy nose and a watery eye too.

No one has ever found the real cause for this type of headache, but it is considered that this is an active nerve pathway which leads in the base of our brain.

Treatment: Use capsaicin cream to put it in your nostrils, that way you will create a barrier, to prevent from the pain signals that the nerves are sending.

Sinus Headache

The sinus headache, is one of the most painful. They are most commonly caused from the sinus infection, and they provide a lot of pain in the area of the forehead, eyes and the cheeks. Also they are followed by fever.

Treatment: Use inhalation with hot water, drink a lot of hot teas, and a lot of vitamins and minerals. This will help you soothe the pain and will open your sinuses.

Foods full of vitamin C and rich with antioxidants like lemons and oranges, will soothe the infection and will easily fight them. Eat hot soups and ginger, this will fight the infection too, due to its antioxidant abilities. Adding hot and cold compresses, will be a great way to treat the sinus infection too.


Everyone can be affected b a migraine, mostly the people between the age of 25 and 50 years, they are most likely to experience it.

This is the worst type of headache, it simply doesn’t pass, it causes the most intense, throbbing and severe pain than any of the headaches. The worst thing is that it causes the pain on one part of your head, and this can lead to tingling faces, numbness and nausea, also some worse things like visual disturbance, and sensitivity to loud sounds, smells, touches and sensitivity to the sunlight which is the worst.

Treatment: Try controlling your levels of vitamin B12, Omega-3 fat acids and magnesium levels, also try exercising as much as you can. According to the latest studies, exercises and obtaining these levels in your organisms, helps a lot more in case of migraine than taking any medication which is prescribed from your doctor.

Disclaimer: Please remember that the shared information, is not a
substitute for medical advice from professionals, or any treatment/diagnosis,
it is simply, information. Always try to ask for advice from a
specialist or a health provider. Do not, disregard any medical advice,
or treatment you were given from specialists, because of something
you’ve read here. We repeat, it is nothing close to diagnosis or
treatment, it is information only!

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